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Journal 7.11.17

Bed last night- 12 AM                                                        Sleep-

Wake up- 8:00 AM                                                             Get up- 8:20 AM

Today’s Weight- 234.4


MOM Time-

Today was library day and, for once, I didn’t have to fight either of them about books. They were excited to get new ones and actively hunted for something to read. Then, we went over to the mall and played with the Butterfly exhibit. So much fun!

butterfly exhibit


C- I worked on my knitting a bit at the doctor’s office and started writing again this evening. Feels good, even if my words are coming out mush.

R-I haven’t read anything today. 😦

A- Butterfly exhibit

F- Time to change

T- blog, journal



Breakfast- Activia Yogurt cup

Lunch- Buffalo Wild Wing’s Buffalitos (confession, I had a small chocolate cake, too).

Dinner- Burritos at home- much healthier than the ones in a restaurant

Snacks- chocolate raspberry cake



10 ounces of water with breakfast

20 ounces of tea at lunch

10 ounces of water before the library visit

24 ounces of tea with dinner

total— 64 ounces! That’s the minimum… let’s get it higher!


Review of today’s plans:

*Doctor’s appointment at 12

*Return Library books and check out new ones

*Butterfly Exhibit at the Mall

*Play Place Time

*Clean Dining Room

*Laundry— eh, I got one load finished…?


Tomorrow’s Plans:



*Chuck E Cheese with friends (PM)

*Clean up the house a bit



Let’s start with the heavy stuff. It’s nothing I didn’t expect… ok, that’s a lie. It’s a bit I didn’t expect. I had a doctor’s appointment with my primary doctor today. I walked in there with a laundry list of issues that I’ve been holding on to for a while. I didn’t expect it to be a pleasant conversation, even though I have one of the most upbeat doctors on the planet ( I seriously love her. If you’re in Savannah and need a PCP, look up Dr. Loraine McRae. She’s amazing. She reminds me of Doc McStuffin’s mom. No joke.). The things on my list were:

*kidney stone

*legs swelling

*wrist issues




I believe most of that is all a product of the last bit, with the exception of my wrist. She threw me a curve ball, though, asking about my breasts. Now, anyone who knows me knows mine are very large and that I hate them because of that. They, too, are a product of my weight gain. She pointed out that the weight of them, particular on the side of the larger one, could be contributing to my headaches. Yes, my weight is probably to blame for the leg swelling, but there’s also varicose veins scattered across them, which is a sign of poor circulation. So, stop crossing my ankles, legs, and lower legs when I sit down. *sighs* She also pointed out that Lexapro will cause weight gain, though that’s not enough to cause this mess I’m dealing with, right now. The kidney stone was more a reflection of my diet and I need to alter it, though just how to alter it won’t be clear until I have another one (I can wait for that). So, that leaves us with the anti-depressant, the wrist, and the weight. We tossed out the Lexapro and switched to Wellbutrin, since the Lexapro’s effects seem to have fizzled. Also, as a side effect, Wellbutrin is also used in weight loss drugs, because it does cause weight loss. Not crazy, drastic result weight loss, but at least it doesn’t add weight. Also, maybe if I slept better, I would be more active during the day, less tired, and burn more calories. She gave me a muscle relaxer to help me stay asleep, since that is my biggest problem, once my head hits the pillow at night. This should also help my stress and headaches, since it will relax the muscles of my neck and shoulder while I sleep, thus allowing them to fully relax and not start off with tension the next morning. I get to try this for a few months and follow up with her in September. If those things are better, then we’ll hit the weight a little harder and talk about serious methods of handling the problem. Which leaves us with my wrist, which she doesn’t want to diagnose directly without some tests. Rather than doing those herself, she is referring me to a specialist, because she’s pretty sure, based on my descriptions and the length of time I’ve had the problem, that I will require surgery to fix it.


All of that has been weighing on my shoulders a bit tonight, honestly. I have some positive direction in which to move, so there’s that. I’m a prime candidate for bariatric surgery with my BMI being over 40%. I’m mentally tired and have withdrawn into my office tonight because I’m on the end of the rope again. We leave for vacation on Thursday, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to get there.

On the bright side… I became a Disney Princess today, so I’ve got that going for me.

disney princess tiff


~Until next time!


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Journal 7.10.17

bed last night- 12 AM                                                                 Sleep- 12:28 AM

Awake- 6:18 AM                                                                          out of bed- 6:45 AM

Today’s weight: 234.9


MOM TIME: Today was pretty simple, groceries and soft play at the Mall. We did the groceries early, so we got to the mall with enough time for the girls to play for over an hour.


C- worked on embroidery of Tower in Satin Stitches. I’m almost ready for outlining stitches and detail work. Also, I am still taking notes on Druid practices.

R- The Art of the Northern Renaissance by Craig Harbison

A- not much. 😦
F- Get stuff done.

T- blog, journal


Breakfast- Activita Vanilla yogurt

Snack- stick of monteray jack cheese

Lunch- 1/4 lber with cheese (McDonald’s)

Snack- roasted cashews*

Dinner- chicken breast (4 oz) and green beans with a King’s Hawaiian Roll

Snack- ?

Total Calorie intake as of typing this: 1455



10 ounces of water with breakfast

20 ounces of Coke with Lunch

10 ounces of water because I was thirsty

12 ounces of Tea with dinner


52 ounces of liquid intake so far. I’ll pack away at least another 12 ounces before I go to bed.


Review of today’s plans:

  • Go to school and :
  • Go through books
  • Move my furniture to one side and out of the way.
  • Get groceries
  • take the girls to the play place.

Tomorrow’s Plans:

  • Dr’s appt at 12
  • Clean dining room
  • laundry
  • library
  • play place time



Today did not go the way I had hoped. First, even though I got up and got the girls out of the house before 8 AM to work in my room, I couldn’t get into it because the custodians were only then stripping the old wax off the floor and laying fresh wax down. It’s going to take days to do that. “Maybe Wednesday,” was the response I got. So, I can’t get back into my room until NEXT Wednesday, after our vacation and *HOPEFULLY* my Lasek surgery.

I got home and within minutes, my husband is calling telling me that the campground we were supposed to be staying in this weekend won’t allow our conversation trailer to be an RV in their park. We had to cancel the reservation and find a new one. So, I spent a while on the computer AGAIN, finding a campground that a)would take us, and b) was available. Thankfully, we got into what appears to be a decent one!

By then it was lunchtime, so the girls and I hit McDonald’s before we went to get groceries. The toy in the Happy Meal this week was a deck of cards with Minions on them and we sat and played Go Fish while eating lunch. That was probably the best part of my day. We zipped through groceries (it helps when we already know what we need and where it is) and then came home to unload them. Afterwards, we went to the soft play space at Savannah Mall where the girls played for over an hour and I did research on Druidry.

When we came home, I was a little munchy, so I grabbed a handful of roasted cashews to tide me over until Dinner. I have now learned that my system doesn’t handle Cashews, anymore. I bloated up last week before dinner when I ate some while the girls played at the play place, but I didn’t connect it to this. This afternoon, I ate about six of them and bloated up and felt horrible, again. So, that’s it… no more cashews. That’s a shame, because I really like cashews. *sighs* At least it wasn’t peanuts, I guess. Luckily, my cat, Mitch, snuggled me until I fell asleep for an hour and woke up feeling better. ❤ my baby boy!


So, tomorrow’s plans have been altered a bit, since I can’t go to work. There’s a lot to do before we go out of town!

~Until next time!

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Journal 7.6.17

Bedtime last night: 11:30   PM                                         Sleep time: 12’ish?

Wakeup: 8:15 AM                                                               get up: 9:00 AM

Today’s Weight: 237.7

MOM Time:

Today was Field Trip Day and we’d decided on the Art Museum today, so off we went! I had every intention of a there and back, trip, but it totally didn’t turn out that way.


We started at the Jepsen Center, which is a really good art museum to take kids to see. They have a ArtZeum on the 3rd floor with lots of interactive art for kids to play with. They have everything from Architecture to clothing, with some wall graffiti and garden design to boot! We wandered through the rest of the exhibits and the girls at least pretended to look at everything. Their traveling exhibit this summer is William Wegman: Improved Photographs.  The girls enjoyed that! They also have a Tech Art space where all of the artwork is technology-based. From virtual painters to virtual reality… it’s all there and the girls had so much fun interacting with it, it was hard to make them walk away. They also had kids art activities from 1-4 in the 1st floor atrium, so after we found lunch, we came back to do that.



I mananged to get the OK to hit McDonald’s on Broughton Street, but we made a wrong turn and went the other way down the street. We compromised when we found Jalepeno’s on Broughton and Mexican it was!


We wandered a little on our way back, stopping by The William W. Gordon monument in Wright Square (horribly ugly thing) on our way back to the Jepsen Center. I forced them both into the Wright Square Cafe  for some Chocolate Truffles (YUMMY YUMMY) on our way back, too.



After they “arted” for about an hour, we headed over to the Telfair Museum. You see, if you buy admission to one, you get admission to all three (Jepsen Center, Telfair Museum, and the Owens-Thomas House) and I enjoy getting to see a lot of different stuff. The Jepsen Center is good for modern art (I’m not a big fan), but the Telfair has the more classic styles of art. Besides, it’s located in one of the 3 remaining William Jay houses in Savannah and I love his architecture work, so I enjoy walking through them (the Owens-Thomas House and the Ships of the Sea Museum @ the Scarborough House are the other two, just in case you were wondering). They’re hosting the Hattie Saussy Exhibit, right now, which is also a really nice treat. What I didn’t realize, in all the trips I’ve made into that building, is that one of my favorite paintings resides there: Julian Scott’s Black Prince at Crecy.

I had grossly underestimated that thing’s size, let me tell you! From there, I talked them into High Tea at the Gryphon Tea Room. They were hot and tired, but I think they enjoyed the experience, even if they don’t quite have the palate for the food or tea, yet. I enjoyed it, so there’s that!



C- I sat down and organized, printed and laminated pieces for the Rise and Shine Notebooks for my class

R- I read the entire Words Their Way 3rd edition book.

A- Walked many, many steps around Savannah and up and down the steps of each museum.

F- Keep it Positive!

T- Journal and Blog (and Facebook! hehehe)



Breakfast- Activia Yogurt

Lunch- Chips and Queso

Dinner- High Tea (Cucumber sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, cranberry scone, assorted petit fours)

Snack- ?



12 ounces of water at Breakfast

16 ounces of tea at lunch

16 ounces of hot tea at the Tea Room

12 ounces of water this PM

56 ounces of liquids today… *sighs*



  • Field Trip Day- SUCCESS!
  • pick up meds from the Dr- oops
  • drop off mailing for Dana- oops

Plans for TOMORROW: 

  • Pick up meds
  • drop off mailing
  • drop off meds
  • Fun Day- Bowling


BONUS: I don’t have a lot to say about today that I haven’t already! We had a great time downtown and I loved walking around with the monsters. At least, I did until they started getting tired! Tomorrow is going to be a good day, too! My charger for my FitBit came in today, so my watch will be ready to go again tomorrow! Yay for accurate accounting of steps and activity!

~Until tomorrow!

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Journal 7.5.17

Bed last night- 12 AM                                                                Sleep- 12:15 AM

Wake up- 8:15 AM                                                                     Get up- 8:48 AM

Weight: 238.0


MOM Time:

Today was supposed to be field trip day, but we decided to swap Craft Day for the field trip because of the heat. We’ll try to get on the field trip early tomorrow to avoid the heat outside (Heat Index over 100, humidity through the roof). So, instead, we painted rocks! It was a lot more relaxed than I thought the girls would be into, but I refuse to complain about that. Now, we have rocks that I need to seal and we can put out in the garden!


C- Started building my Rise and Shine Binders for next school year today

R- Aftermath, by Chuck Windig

A- (failed here today. I really need to clean up my treadmill, so I can fix this)

F- Stay Positive- combat negative thoughts

T- Journal and Blog entry



Breakfast- Activia Greek Yogurt (vanilla) and a 1/4 cup of Bare Naked Granola (Vanilla and almond)

Lunch- Yoplait Yogurt Smoothie (Pina Collada)

Dinner- 4 oz of pork loin chop, 6 slices of baked zuchinni (breaded, with parmesean and garlic), Marzetti’s Asiago dressing (1.5 tblsp )

Snack- (I’m craving something really bad and luckily, I don’t have much in this house that classifies. I’m going to try to keep it not contradictive, though.)



20 ounces of water with breakfast

12 ounce smoothie for lunch

24 ounces of tea with dinner

56 ounces total. I found my bottle today, so I’m working on this, this week.



  • Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.
  • Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps- Ordered a new charger which should be here tomorrow! 
  • TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.
  • Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.
  • Craft Day- Painting Rocks 
  • Cleaning Day- Dining Room
  • Cleaning out the veggie garden on the side of the flower garden up front.



Today was an important day in my life. I don’t think anyone else will know the difference, but I felt the change this morning. It started yesterday evening and I’ve just kept turning it over in my head. Today, the changes started. You see, I realized yesterday that the reason why I’m upset every time I see my friends getting together without me, or plans don’t go the way I had them in my head, or I’m disappointed with how something turned out, is because of an expectation I set for myself. I can blame Damon Salvatore for this a bit, since I caught a quote while I was binge watching Season 7 of the Vampire Diaries that resonated very strongly.  He was talking about this bottle of wine that he’d purchased, thinking it would just keep getting better with time and, as a vampire, he had loads of that on tap. He stored it and thought about how amazing it was going to taste when he finally cracked it open. Then he realized one day that there wasn’t a single sip of that wine that was ever going to taste as good as he’d built it up to be in his head. So he let go of the expectations for that bottle of wine (and started drinking bourbon, but that’s a different conversation, altogether).  I realized yesterday that I had been treating all of my friends like that bottle of wine. I keep building up expectations of all the wonderful things we’ll experience and getting hurt when I see those expectations falling in someone else’s lap, some other person is there in my place and I wasn’t even invited. These people don’t even know what I’ve built up in my head, so why am I holding them responsible for the pain I’ve caused myself? It didn’t make any sense. That was true for everyone in my life… my husband, my kids, my friends, my relatives. Worse, I knew it was horrible of me to expect it, so I never said a word, if I could get out of it. So, I was being fair to THEM, but I was still torturing MYSELF.

No more. I’m done with that. From here on, I promise myself that I will be independent and happy about it. I will live in the moments that I have, that I am present for, and I will be more mindful of those things, instead of moping because they’re not going the way I wanted them to. I’m going to fight the urge to have expectations, which is EXTREMELY difficult for my INFJ self to do, because I think through every scenario of everything before it happens so that I’m prepared for the outcomes. Just NO! I’m not going to do that to myself, anymore. I vow to put down the phone more, goose my kids more, and STOP raising my voice to get my point across. Volume doesn’t make an argument more right.

I’ve reverted to a paper bullet journal so I have a physical thing to manipulate. It does a good job of forcing me to be accountable to myself, so I’ll take it. I won’t say I feel better today, because that’s not really true. I feel a bit more numb and indifferent, which feels strange since it’s been 10 days since my last Lexapro. I set up the doctor’s appointment this morning, though, and started writing down all the things I need to discuss with her. I’m going to keep adding to the list as I go, all the way until I am sitting in front of her.

I started working on things for school next year. I uploaded my class posters to Staples and priced printing them out (almost $80 and that’s with a 20% off coupon code). I printed the pages I need for the student Rise and Shine notebooks, so it’s ready for me to copy onto colored paper and laminate. I even logged into my school e-mail ( I never do that away from the building because I don’t like the stress) and tried to find information about the changes they’re making for next year in the curriculum. I can’t stand it that the board is keeping everything so close to the chest. They’re going to expect us to be doing this on Day 1 in August and most of us won’t get the particulars until the fading days of July. You can’t train me on something on Monday and expect me to be proficient enough to start teaching it on Thursday. Not without a lot of prep work and planning time and, let’s be honest, that isn’t happening. It looks like a home grown program, anyway, and one that they’re not fully funding, at that. We were told they’re getting away from novel studies, but the stuff they released last month has a read aloud list full of, you guessed it, new novels! It looks like they’re twisting Reader’s Workshop into it, with Writer’s Workshop, in the Grammar section. There are hints of Daily 5, too. Honestly, it just annoys me that we have no time to learn what they want before we’re expected to do it. I feel a bit like a first year teacher again, except there’s not going to be anyone in any better position than me. The state changed the Science and Social Studies standards, the board is changing the ELA and Math delivery systems… and I’m switching grade levels. No worries, though. I’m going to attack Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, I have been doing butchered versions of these the last few years, anyway. Throw some Words Their Way on the side as Differentiated Spelling work and work my way through the Eureka Math modules that they are getting the Print Shop to print for everyone in the district. Raise your hands if you think we’ll have those the first day…


Ah well, folks. TO steal a phrase that I need to wrap my head around a bit more…

Image result for it is what it is

Until next time!

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Journal 6.30.17

Bedtime last night: 11 PM                                         Estimated sleep time: 11:30 PM

Wake up: 8:15 AM                                                       Get up: 8:30 AM

Today’s weight: 238.6


MOM Time:

Today was Fun Day! I started it off by going to the Savannah History Museum and walking the girls through the history of the city I love. They weren’t interested in most of it. However, they have a scavenger hunt for the kids, so finding the things became their goal. They paid a lot of attention to it that way. I found a gorgeous floor loom in one of the exhibit rooms that made me pretty happy. The girls found all of the things on the scavenger hunt so they were happy, too! We then stopped by the craft store and grabbed rocks to paint on our way to Monkey Joe’s for them to jump around for a while. Afterwards, we hit Walmart for shopping.


C- Finished the embroidery I was working on and beaded a rosary0630172208

R- More Seize the Dawn… almost finished!

A- Museum walking!


T- blogs



Breakfast- One belgian waffle, one slice of french toast, 2 slices of bacon

Lunch- nada

Dinner- Papa Joe sandwich from Jason’s Deli with 3 baked Lays

Snack- chocolate chip bake



24 ounces of water with breakfast

32 ounces of ICEE at Monkey Joe’s

20 ounces of Jason’s pomegranate and blueberry

12 ounces of water with snack


REVIEW of yesterday’s plans for today-

  • Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.
  • Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps. (can’t find the stupid charger)
  • TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.
  • Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.
  • Craft Day- Painting Rocks (still have to go buy the rocks)- POSTPONED FOR THIS WEEKEND
  • Cleaning Day- Bedrooms (and the Dining Room and Bathrooms, since we’ve been slack about those)—- are my goals too lofty here?
  • Cleaning out the veggie garden on the side of the flower garden up front.
  • Monkey Joe’s for Fun Day, hopefully the History Center for a bonus (FREE BECAUSE I ALREADY PAID FOR IT) Field Trip



We had a lot of fun today, I spent too much money… the same drill it usually is, I guess. Fun is the important part, so I’m good with that. I got some stuff crossed off my list, so that’s good. I’m thinking the cleaning routine isn’t working… I know, right? It’s probably my laziness, I’m not going to lie. I hate cleaning. It rained pretty heavily tonight, so walking wasn’t an option. I looked for the charger to my FitBit… yeah, can’t find it, anywhere.

Image result for affirmation fun


  • Archery Practice (weather permitting) at 10 AM
  • Dinner at 5 PM

FYI— No blog tomorrow! I hate a hot date! 😉

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Journal 6.29.17

Bed last night: 11:30 PM                              estimated sleep time: 12-ish PM

Wake Up: 7:00 AM                                        Get up: 9:45 AM (yeah, I dozed off)

Today’s weight: 238.6


MOM Time: Craft day was put on hold today because the house is a wreck. So, Mom time today was spent cleaning. Once you get these two started, they’re little machines, but getting them moving and not complaining is a CHORE! 


C- stitching on my couch project- finished the split stitches and started working on the fills (satin stitch)

R- more Seize the Dawn

A- Cleaned the kitchen

F- Get something DONE today!

T- blog and youtube videos



breakfast- chocolate chip bake

Lunch- herb and cheddar bake

Dinner- meatlover’s pizza

snack- cheese stick



This is where I tanked today… I had 16 ounces of water with breakfast, and 24 ounces of tea with dinner and that’s it. *Sighs*



  • Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.
  • Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps.
  • TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.
  • Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.
  • Craft Day- Painting Rocks (still have to go buy the rocks)- POSTPONED FOR THIS WEEKEND
  • Cleaning Day- Dining Room (and the Den, Kitchen and Bathrooms, since we’ve been slack about those)
  • Laundry- so much laundry
  • Cleaning out the veggie garden on the side of the flower garden up front.



  • *points up*
  • Monkey Joe’s for Fun Day, hopefully the History Center for a bonus (FREE BECAUSE I ALREADY PAID FOR IT) Field Trip



Today was a strange day. I set out to do so much and failed spectacularly at them. I started trying to do some research for a class I want to do at the Clover this morning while I ate breakfast. Nothing I needed was online, anywhere. Worse, the document that had it all in it, they want to charge me $25 for. It’s not available online, anywhere. No digital copies. Since it’s a handbook, that doesn’t really make sense to me. So, fire lit, lots of people picking up their own torches and running with it. I tried to distract myself by working on school stuff. HAHAHA, Took a friend down the rabbit hole of heraldry with me! The next thing I knew, it was 1 o’clock and I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING today! I started working on changing that, but I had to eat lunch first. Left the house at 2:30 to get hay and cereal for the guinea pigs and then tackled cleaning the kitchen when I got home. This is not what I want my summer to look like, so I’m getting up tomorrow. The girls and I will go to breakfast, if that’s what I have to do to get up and get moving. I did manage to finish two loads of laundry on top of the kitchen, today, and I recorded two Pell videos for an upcoming fighting class at the Clover. Not a total loss, but did I seize this day? No. 

Need to work on that.

Image result for seize the day

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Journal 6.28.17

Bed Last night- 12                                           Estimated sleep time: 12:30

Wake up- 7 AM                                                 Out of bed- 8:20

Weight this morning- 236.7

MOM Time: Today was Field Trip Day and the girls chose the Children’s Museum and Railroad Museum, which happen to share the same space. My husband came home early from work and went with us. It was awesome! We chased each other through the maze, Tadpole danced in the mist fountain… we explored every inch of that Exploration space. And it was awesome! Then, we got to ride on a steam train on a 25 minute tour of the back half of the Railroad site. It was great! Even the girls were enthralled by the ruins of our old Round House and Railroad depot. The space is gorgeous, with all the Savannah gray bricks (some of them aren’t gray, anymore, thanks Hollywood) and the old wood. 

Tadpole is a little camera hog, so… alas, more cuteness…

It’s days like this that really make being Mom easy. Even better? They’re totally going to sleep very well after this!


C- Embroidery on my practice project

R- read more of Seize the Dawn

A- Children’s Museum and Railroad Museum


T- Talked to a lot of people today through messenger, hangouts, and in person.


DIET- yeah, I failed miserably here. 

Breakfast- hahahaha skipped that

Lunch- Zaxby’s, 2 Nibblers and a couple of fries.

BONUS- Ice Cream at Cold Stone

Dinner- Grilled Pork Chops, roasted potatoes, 1 spoon full of dirty rice

Bedtime snack- Cheese



12 oz of water while doing computer things this morning

20 oz of Dr. Pepper with lunch

16 oz of water with ice cream

24 oz of tea with dinner

72 oz today… not all of it good.

On the plus side, the water filter is full in the fridge, so…


Review of yesterday’s plans for today:

Field Trip day with the girls- Railroad and Children’s Museum- go early to beat the heat

Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.

Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps.

TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.

Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.


Tomorrow’s plan of attack- 

Everything I didn’t do today AND…

  • Craft Day- Painting Rocks (still have to go buy the rocks)
  • Cleaning Day- Dining Room (and the Den, Kitchen and Bathrooms, since we’ve been slack about those)
  • Laundry- so much laundry
  • Cleaning out the veggie garden on the side of the flower garden up front.



This is where I tell you that I wasn’t as much of a slacker as it looks like I was. Today, I helped a new person find her Barony in Trimaris, planned and reserved our summer vacation in a few weeks, spent 4 hours on our field trip and cooked dinner. I am also starting to put together classes for the Honorable Clover that will get them RUM Credit towards a degree and got word of more good news that I can’t tell anyone about for a few weeks. I’ll be honest, it’ll take me a few weeks to figure out what the news actually means, too.

I HAD A FREAKIN’ BLAST TODAY and THIS is what summer is all about! I feel good about a lot of things! I had friends reaching out to me all over the place today and it’s VERY humbling to be on the receiving end of it. Not bad humbling. One sent me a message and said they had no idea I was carrying such a load on my shoulders and if I ever needed to vent, they were available. It wasn’t even someone I normally get that from, so it made me tear up. Thanks, Captain Tight Pants! Another stopped by to grab some lemon grass and, even though I didn’t hear the door, left me a pot of lemon verbena on the porch. More dirt work! I LOVE IT! She’s always there when I need to scream and more than willing to pour me a very tall glass of wine when I need it. ❤ you, dirt buddy! Another sent my girls a care package days before I posted that article that came today. Another completely out of the blue hand reaching out for me that I cherish more than she’ll ever know. She sent my girls each a coloring book (that she drew, no less, and based on my favorite book series!), and these adorable worry dolls that she said “needed a home.” She put in these awesome bumble bee buttons that change color with heat that I’m pretty sure she wanted me to give to the girls, but they’re so cool, they may not make it to them. hehehe, Thanks, Czuk! They will adore them when I show them tomorrow and I promise to take pictures and plaster them all over everywhere so everyone knows how amazing you are!

So, to sum all of that up, I’m feeling rather loved today, and it’s giving me energy to do something big for people. It’s motivating me to get out there and prove that they’re right about me. I can only hope I do them all proud.

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