Welcome to Slightly Euphoric! I’m Tiff and this is a blog for the random things I get myself into. I am an almost 40 year old, wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I am a teacher, a history nerd, a fantasy/Scifi geek, and a book worm. I enjoy reading, writing, crafting, costuming, science, gardening, antiques, finding ways to make learning fun, playing with my girls, and playing with my food. That is, by no means, a complete list of everything I enjoy, but it’s a good heads up!


I have other blogs that I channel my hobbies into. I’ll reference them, I’m sure. If it doesn’t fit on one of these blogs, it’s here at SlightlyEuphoric! They are:

*TreehouseTeaching– for my teaching posts

*FanGeekWritings– for my writing and reading posts

*laurenthescadian– for my SCA/ medieval posts

Feel free to play along with those blogs, too!