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Journal 7.11.17

Bed last night- 12 AM                                                        Sleep-

Wake up- 8:00 AM                                                             Get up- 8:20 AM

Today’s Weight- 234.4


MOM Time-

Today was library day and, for once, I didn’t have to fight either of them about books. They were excited to get new ones and actively hunted for something to read. Then, we went over to the mall and played with the Butterfly exhibit. So much fun!

butterfly exhibit


C- I worked on my knitting a bit at the doctor’s office and started writing again this evening. Feels good, even if my words are coming out mush.

R-I haven’t read anything today. 😦

A- Butterfly exhibit

F- Time to change

T- blog, journal



Breakfast- Activia Yogurt cup

Lunch- Buffalo Wild Wing’s Buffalitos (confession, I had a small chocolate cake, too).

Dinner- Burritos at home- much healthier than the ones in a restaurant

Snacks- chocolate raspberry cake



10 ounces of water with breakfast

20 ounces of tea at lunch

10 ounces of water before the library visit

24 ounces of tea with dinner

total— 64 ounces! That’s the minimum… let’s get it higher!


Review of today’s plans:

*Doctor’s appointment at 12

*Return Library books and check out new ones

*Butterfly Exhibit at the Mall

*Play Place Time

*Clean Dining Room

*Laundry— eh, I got one load finished…?


Tomorrow’s Plans:



*Chuck E Cheese with friends (PM)

*Clean up the house a bit



Let’s start with the heavy stuff. It’s nothing I didn’t expect… ok, that’s a lie. It’s a bit I didn’t expect. I had a doctor’s appointment with my primary doctor today. I walked in there with a laundry list of issues that I’ve been holding on to for a while. I didn’t expect it to be a pleasant conversation, even though I have one of the most upbeat doctors on the planet ( I seriously love her. If you’re in Savannah and need a PCP, look up Dr. Loraine McRae. She’s amazing. She reminds me of Doc McStuffin’s mom. No joke.). The things on my list were:

*kidney stone

*legs swelling

*wrist issues




I believe most of that is all a product of the last bit, with the exception of my wrist. She threw me a curve ball, though, asking about my breasts. Now, anyone who knows me knows mine are very large and that I hate them because of that. They, too, are a product of my weight gain. She pointed out that the weight of them, particular on the side of the larger one, could be contributing to my headaches. Yes, my weight is probably to blame for the leg swelling, but there’s also varicose veins scattered across them, which is a sign of poor circulation. So, stop crossing my ankles, legs, and lower legs when I sit down. *sighs* She also pointed out that Lexapro will cause weight gain, though that’s not enough to cause this mess I’m dealing with, right now. The kidney stone was more a reflection of my diet and I need to alter it, though just how to alter it won’t be clear until I have another one (I can wait for that). So, that leaves us with the anti-depressant, the wrist, and the weight. We tossed out the Lexapro and switched to Wellbutrin, since the Lexapro’s effects seem to have fizzled. Also, as a side effect, Wellbutrin is also used in weight loss drugs, because it does cause weight loss. Not crazy, drastic result weight loss, but at least it doesn’t add weight. Also, maybe if I slept better, I would be more active during the day, less tired, and burn more calories. She gave me a muscle relaxer to help me stay asleep, since that is my biggest problem, once my head hits the pillow at night. This should also help my stress and headaches, since it will relax the muscles of my neck and shoulder while I sleep, thus allowing them to fully relax and not start off with tension the next morning. I get to try this for a few months and follow up with her in September. If those things are better, then we’ll hit the weight a little harder and talk about serious methods of handling the problem. Which leaves us with my wrist, which she doesn’t want to diagnose directly without some tests. Rather than doing those herself, she is referring me to a specialist, because she’s pretty sure, based on my descriptions and the length of time I’ve had the problem, that I will require surgery to fix it.


All of that has been weighing on my shoulders a bit tonight, honestly. I have some positive direction in which to move, so there’s that. I’m a prime candidate for bariatric surgery with my BMI being over 40%. I’m mentally tired and have withdrawn into my office tonight because I’m on the end of the rope again. We leave for vacation on Thursday, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to get there.

On the bright side… I became a Disney Princess today, so I’ve got that going for me.

disney princess tiff


~Until next time!




Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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