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Journal 7.10.17

bed last night- 12 AM                                                                 Sleep- 12:28 AM

Awake- 6:18 AM                                                                          out of bed- 6:45 AM

Today’s weight: 234.9


MOM TIME: Today was pretty simple, groceries and soft play at the Mall. We did the groceries early, so we got to the mall with enough time for the girls to play for over an hour.


C- worked on embroidery of Tower in Satin Stitches. I’m almost ready for outlining stitches and detail work. Also, I am still taking notes on Druid practices.

R- The Art of the Northern Renaissance by Craig Harbison

A- not much. 😦
F- Get stuff done.

T- blog, journal


Breakfast- Activita Vanilla yogurt

Snack- stick of monteray jack cheese

Lunch- 1/4 lber with cheese (McDonald’s)

Snack- roasted cashews*

Dinner- chicken breast (4 oz) and green beans with a King’s Hawaiian Roll

Snack- ?

Total Calorie intake as of typing this: 1455



10 ounces of water with breakfast

20 ounces of Coke with Lunch

10 ounces of water because I was thirsty

12 ounces of Tea with dinner


52 ounces of liquid intake so far. I’ll pack away at least another 12 ounces before I go to bed.


Review of today’s plans:

  • Go to school and :
  • Go through books
  • Move my furniture to one side and out of the way.
  • Get groceries
  • take the girls to the play place.

Tomorrow’s Plans:

  • Dr’s appt at 12
  • Clean dining room
  • laundry
  • library
  • play place time



Today did not go the way I had hoped. First, even though I got up and got the girls out of the house before 8 AM to work in my room, I couldn’t get into it because the custodians were only then stripping the old wax off the floor and laying fresh wax down. It’s going to take days to do that. “Maybe Wednesday,” was the response I got. So, I can’t get back into my room until NEXT Wednesday, after our vacation and *HOPEFULLY* my Lasek surgery.

I got home and within minutes, my husband is calling telling me that the campground we were supposed to be staying in this weekend won’t allow our conversation trailer to be an RV in their park. We had to cancel the reservation and find a new one. So, I spent a while on the computer AGAIN, finding a campground that a)would take us, and b) was available. Thankfully, we got into what appears to be a decent one!

By then it was lunchtime, so the girls and I hit McDonald’s before we went to get groceries. The toy in the Happy Meal this week was a deck of cards with Minions on them and we sat and played Go Fish while eating lunch. That was probably the best part of my day. We zipped through groceries (it helps when we already know what we need and where it is) and then came home to unload them. Afterwards, we went to the soft play space at Savannah Mall where the girls played for over an hour and I did research on Druidry.

When we came home, I was a little munchy, so I grabbed a handful of roasted cashews to tide me over until Dinner. I have now learned that my system doesn’t handle Cashews, anymore. I bloated up last week before dinner when I ate some while the girls played at the play place, but I didn’t connect it to this. This afternoon, I ate about six of them and bloated up and felt horrible, again. So, that’s it… no more cashews. That’s a shame, because I really like cashews. *sighs* At least it wasn’t peanuts, I guess. Luckily, my cat, Mitch, snuggled me until I fell asleep for an hour and woke up feeling better. ❤ my baby boy!


So, tomorrow’s plans have been altered a bit, since I can’t go to work. There’s a lot to do before we go out of town!

~Until next time!



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