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Journal 7.6.17

Bedtime last night: 11:30   PM                                         Sleep time: 12’ish?

Wakeup: 8:15 AM                                                               get up: 9:00 AM

Today’s Weight: 237.7

MOM Time:

Today was Field Trip Day and we’d decided on the Art Museum today, so off we went! I had every intention of a there and back, trip, but it totally didn’t turn out that way.


We started at the Jepsen Center, which is a really good art museum to take kids to see. They have a ArtZeum on the 3rd floor with lots of interactive art for kids to play with. They have everything from Architecture to clothing, with some wall graffiti and garden design to boot! We wandered through the rest of the exhibits and the girls at least pretended to look at everything. Their traveling exhibit this summer is William Wegman: Improved Photographs.  The girls enjoyed that! They also have a Tech Art space where all of the artwork is technology-based. From virtual painters to virtual reality… it’s all there and the girls had so much fun interacting with it, it was hard to make them walk away. They also had kids art activities from 1-4 in the 1st floor atrium, so after we found lunch, we came back to do that.



I mananged to get the OK to hit McDonald’s on Broughton Street, but we made a wrong turn and went the other way down the street. We compromised when we found Jalepeno’s on Broughton and Mexican it was!


We wandered a little on our way back, stopping by The William W. Gordon monument in Wright Square (horribly ugly thing) on our way back to the Jepsen Center. I forced them both into the Wright Square Cafe  for some Chocolate Truffles (YUMMY YUMMY) on our way back, too.



After they “arted” for about an hour, we headed over to the Telfair Museum. You see, if you buy admission to one, you get admission to all three (Jepsen Center, Telfair Museum, and the Owens-Thomas House) and I enjoy getting to see a lot of different stuff. The Jepsen Center is good for modern art (I’m not a big fan), but the Telfair has the more classic styles of art. Besides, it’s located in one of the 3 remaining William Jay houses in Savannah and I love his architecture work, so I enjoy walking through them (the Owens-Thomas House and the Ships of the Sea Museum @ the Scarborough House are the other two, just in case you were wondering). They’re hosting the Hattie Saussy Exhibit, right now, which is also a really nice treat. What I didn’t realize, in all the trips I’ve made into that building, is that one of my favorite paintings resides there: Julian Scott’s Black Prince at Crecy.

I had grossly underestimated that thing’s size, let me tell you! From there, I talked them into High Tea at the Gryphon Tea Room. They were hot and tired, but I think they enjoyed the experience, even if they don’t quite have the palate for the food or tea, yet. I enjoyed it, so there’s that!



C- I sat down and organized, printed and laminated pieces for the Rise and Shine Notebooks for my class

R- I read the entire Words Their Way 3rd edition book.

A- Walked many, many steps around Savannah and up and down the steps of each museum.

F- Keep it Positive!

T- Journal and Blog (and Facebook! hehehe)



Breakfast- Activia Yogurt

Lunch- Chips and Queso

Dinner- High Tea (Cucumber sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, cranberry scone, assorted petit fours)

Snack- ?



12 ounces of water at Breakfast

16 ounces of tea at lunch

16 ounces of hot tea at the Tea Room

12 ounces of water this PM

56 ounces of liquids today… *sighs*



  • Field Trip Day- SUCCESS!
  • pick up meds from the Dr- oops
  • drop off mailing for Dana- oops

Plans for TOMORROW: 

  • Pick up meds
  • drop off mailing
  • drop off meds
  • Fun Day- Bowling


BONUS: I don’t have a lot to say about today that I haven’t already! We had a great time downtown and I loved walking around with the monsters. At least, I did until they started getting tired! Tomorrow is going to be a good day, too! My charger for my FitBit came in today, so my watch will be ready to go again tomorrow! Yay for accurate accounting of steps and activity!

~Until tomorrow!



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