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Journal 6.28.17

Bed Last night- 12                                           Estimated sleep time: 12:30

Wake up- 7 AM                                                 Out of bed- 8:20

Weight this morning- 236.7

MOM Time: Today was Field Trip Day and the girls chose the Children’s Museum and Railroad Museum, which happen to share the same space. My husband came home early from work and went with us. It was awesome! We chased each other through the maze, Tadpole danced in the mist fountain… we explored every inch of that Exploration space. And it was awesome! Then, we got to ride on a steam train on a 25 minute tour of the back half of the Railroad site. It was great! Even the girls were enthralled by the ruins of our old Round House and Railroad depot. The space is gorgeous, with all the Savannah gray bricks (some of them aren’t gray, anymore, thanks Hollywood) and the old wood. 

Tadpole is a little camera hog, so… alas, more cuteness…

It’s days like this that really make being Mom easy. Even better? They’re totally going to sleep very well after this!


C- Embroidery on my practice project

R- read more of Seize the Dawn

A- Children’s Museum and Railroad Museum


T- Talked to a lot of people today through messenger, hangouts, and in person.


DIET- yeah, I failed miserably here. 

Breakfast- hahahaha skipped that

Lunch- Zaxby’s, 2 Nibblers and a couple of fries.

BONUS- Ice Cream at Cold Stone

Dinner- Grilled Pork Chops, roasted potatoes, 1 spoon full of dirty rice

Bedtime snack- Cheese



12 oz of water while doing computer things this morning

20 oz of Dr. Pepper with lunch

16 oz of water with ice cream

24 oz of tea with dinner

72 oz today… not all of it good.

On the plus side, the water filter is full in the fridge, so…


Review of yesterday’s plans for today:

Field Trip day with the girls- Railroad and Children’s Museum- go early to beat the heat

Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.

Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps.

TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.

Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.


Tomorrow’s plan of attack- 

Everything I didn’t do today AND…

  • Craft Day- Painting Rocks (still have to go buy the rocks)
  • Cleaning Day- Dining Room (and the Den, Kitchen and Bathrooms, since we’ve been slack about those)
  • Laundry- so much laundry
  • Cleaning out the veggie garden on the side of the flower garden up front.



This is where I tell you that I wasn’t as much of a slacker as it looks like I was. Today, I helped a new person find her Barony in Trimaris, planned and reserved our summer vacation in a few weeks, spent 4 hours on our field trip and cooked dinner. I am also starting to put together classes for the Honorable Clover that will get them RUM Credit towards a degree and got word of more good news that I can’t tell anyone about for a few weeks. I’ll be honest, it’ll take me a few weeks to figure out what the news actually means, too.

I HAD A FREAKIN’ BLAST TODAY and THIS is what summer is all about! I feel good about a lot of things! I had friends reaching out to me all over the place today and it’s VERY humbling to be on the receiving end of it. Not bad humbling. One sent me a message and said they had no idea I was carrying such a load on my shoulders and if I ever needed to vent, they were available. It wasn’t even someone I normally get that from, so it made me tear up. Thanks, Captain Tight Pants! Another stopped by to grab some lemon grass and, even though I didn’t hear the door, left me a pot of lemon verbena on the porch. More dirt work! I LOVE IT! She’s always there when I need to scream and more than willing to pour me a very tall glass of wine when I need it. ❤ you, dirt buddy! Another sent my girls a care package days before I posted that article that came today. Another completely out of the blue hand reaching out for me that I cherish more than she’ll ever know. She sent my girls each a coloring book (that she drew, no less, and based on my favorite book series!), and these adorable worry dolls that she said “needed a home.” She put in these awesome bumble bee buttons that change color with heat that I’m pretty sure she wanted me to give to the girls, but they’re so cool, they may not make it to them. hehehe, Thanks, Czuk! They will adore them when I show them tomorrow and I promise to take pictures and plaster them all over everywhere so everyone knows how amazing you are!

So, to sum all of that up, I’m feeling rather loved today, and it’s giving me energy to do something big for people. It’s motivating me to get out there and prove that they’re right about me. I can only hope I do them all proud.

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