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Journal- 6.27.17

Bedtime Last night: 12 AM                                 Estimated Actual time of sleep: 2 AM

Wake up: 7 AM                                                       Got up: 7:30 AM

MOM Time: Today was library day, so we changed it up a bit and went to the Oglethorpe Mall library for books. The girls finished their first ring of rewards from the library (the B&N Book form that we already had…), I checked out books on Words Their Way to work on for next school year, then we went to the soft play at Oglethorpe Mall for an hour.

CRAFT time:

C- Knitting- basket weave, 8 rows/ Gardening/Harvested Lemongrass, chopped it up and froze it in olive oil.

R- Currently reading: Seize the Dawn by Heather Graham, read for 1.5 hours and I’m not done, yet

A- Gardening- thinned out the lemongrass, ripped out the lantana, ripped up the spiderwort, removed empty pots

F- MOVE- Keep moving, don’t sit down for longer than 30 minutes until the girls go to bed.

T- Blog entries



Breakfast- protein cookies

Lunch- oops

Dinner- Meatloaf grillers, baked asparagus, home made cornbread with rosemary from the garden, and 1 spoon full of Taco seasoned rice.

Bedtime snack- hmm… maybe cheese?

**Need to prep for this better so I don’t skip a meal



36 ounces of G2 during gardening

24 ounces of Sweet Tea with dinner

**Need to get water back in the fridge- refill every day


Tomorrow’s plan of attack:

Field Trip day with the girls- Railroad and Children’s Museum- go early to beat the heat

Start cleaning routine and get back to your checklist.

Find the charger for your FitBit and get it charged to track heart rate, sleep, and steps.

TAKE A WALK and Meditate after dinner.

Call the dr and set up an appointment for meds, and other medical issues.


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