Posted in 2017

Where has Valentine’s Day gone?

I have a crazy question… what happens when the anti-trope people become tropes?
When I was a kid, the good guy wore a white hat, was super nice, the true Knight in Shining Armor type (maybe that’s my shiny armor addiction… huh…). Valentine’s Day was fun, Halloween was a HUGE thing, and the biggest issue about Christmas was getting kids to understand it was about more than presents.
About 10 years ago, it became cliche’ for the good guy to be nice and suddenly, the bad guy has a plausible backstory that makes him as likeable, if not more so than the “nice” guy. It became “hip” to hate things like Valentine’s Day and Christmas Parties at school became “Winter Celebrations.”
Now, I’m all for inclusion and not making people feel left out. But what’s wrong with the good guy wearing the shiny armor? What’s wrong with sending your girl flowers on Valentine’s Day? Why is celebrating Christmas something that is being used to make me feel bad about myself? Are we really content to let these things go and these days of celebration become nothing more than a Tuesday?
I SAY NO! And I sincerely hope you’ve noticed that:
a) I dress up all year long, not just Halloween
b) I tell people I love them and give them gifts to prove it all year long
c) I set and reset goals every stinkin’ month (sometimes week)
d) I am Irish EVERY DAY
e) Grilling cheeseburgers is sometimes a Tuesday thing at my house
f) I point out how great a mom I am at every opportunity (hehehe)
g) I point out when Dana is a great dad and I catch it on film
h) I celebrate working my tail off every Friday afternoon
i) I am Thankful for all of the things that make my life worth living (and some of them that make my life more challenging, too)
j) I believe in miracles all year,
I could do this for a while, so I’ll do you a favor and stop here.
I guess this post is just me venting because I’m really tired of people who think it’s ok to make people feel bad for celebrating the silly things in life when they come around. Yes, I fully expect to get chocolate tomorrow. My husband can fully expect Greek steak for dinner, too. My girls can expect a new stuffed thing and lots of snuggles on the couch. If that’s a problem for you, you have my permission to keep your opinion to yourself. I don’t need your approval, didn’t ask for your opinion, and, for heaven’s sake, please note that your lack of approval isn’t going to affect any of that one little bit. 


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