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I dated my kid on Monday…

Something I realized over this winter break is that I spend a lot of time with my kids, but I don’t spend a lot of time WITH my kids. There are a billion reasons for this, cleaning, projects, TV, Minecraft, arguing about whether to watch Pepa Pig or Shimmer and Shine… the list is endless! To be honest, my kids drive me insane! They’re kids, they’re supposed to. A lot of parents forget that, I think. Teachers, too (guilty).

So, one of the things I’ve decided to do this year is DATE my family. That means I will spend a night with just ONE of them every month. That’s three nights a month that I will spend with JUST THEM doing what WE want to do. It sounds so easy, but this crazy thing happens when life gets going… we don’t make time for that one on one time that we all need. By taking one kid out for the evening, the other gets quality time with Dad. By leaving them both with a sitter, and spending an evening with my husband, I can actually focus on HIM. Not on his nap, his RC car, taking him lunch or dinner because he can’t leave the track… I married that guy for some reason and, as God is my witness, I’m going to remember what it was!

So, on Monday night, my youngest daughter and I went on a date. It wasn’t anything horribly extravagant. We just went to the mall and shopped the sales. We stopped by Claire’s for jewelry, went to Build a Bear for clothes for her Bear, avoided Bath and Body Works (“I’m so sick of that place, Mom,” says Tadpole in her most teenager tone!), went into a store called Charming Charlie’s (higher end bling than Claire’s where everything in the store was “so fantastic” and “glamorous, mom!”), wandered through Hollister (because it has a porch out front, people!), then proceeded to go into every store that sold clothes for small girls looking for the perfect dress. Alas, nothing matched what we had in our heads. It was either not foofie enough, not sparkly enough, or the wrong size. Tragic, I know! We agreed that buying a new book was a good consolation prize and proceeded to Barnes and Noble to pick one out. Luckily, they had a perfect fit! 😉

Now, I know you don’t care much for my personal blathering about my date with a five year old, but I’m not really writing this for that purpose. I’m writing it because I want you to DATE your family, too. Even if it’s not every month, just spend time hanging out with ONE person, giving them your complete and undivided attention. My monster and I had so much fun tonight and I’ve already scheduled date night with my oldest daughter two weeks from now! While I don’t have a day nailed down for my husband, I WILL be going to see Rogue One (which I still haven’t seen, yet!) this month and he promised we’d go together to the awesome theater with recliners in Pooler! No phones, no kids, no distractions… just us!

Now, it’s your turn!

Until next time!




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