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First things first… let’s plan!

Alright, I’m sure I’ll dedicate a whole post to this, at some point, but on the Meyers-Briggs personality grid I’m an INFJ. Anyone who knows what that means is groaning for me, I know. This means a lot of things in the personality world, but for the purpose of this post, let’s focus on that last letter… the J. See, that is what starts the conflicted wackiness that is, well, me. The J in me is the part of my personality that demands a plan, a schedule, an idea of where I’m heading so when I veer off track, I at least know how to get back to it. To say 2016 was off track is a SEVERE understatement, so let’s start by getting this new year organized before it even gets here. This will help us start off Day 1 on track.

Sounds awesome, right? I think so.

I start with a calendar. I’ve done this every year, but this year, I’m ignoring the wall calendar no one pays attention to and focusing on my personal calendar that I look at and dig through all day, every day. Except that this is me, and all those other letters are still in my personality and just printing a calendar isn’t enough. In fact, a simple bullet journal (my calendar/planner of choice) isn’t enough, either. There’s not a book big enough for what I need and if there was, I wouldn’t want to carry it around with me all the time. So, I’ve developed my own system that I hope will not make me crazy.

I’m going to create pages like I did in my regular bullet journal before. Each month will have its own book. I use a 8×10″ sketchbook so this isn’t as big a pain as it sounds. AC Moore had theirs on sale for $5 for Christmas and I loaded up on them! There are no dots or lines, which is good because both of those things annoy the crap out of me when I’m trying to create a layout.

However, these books will not have things like “books to read” or “movies to watch” unless they’re actually coming out that month. I got tired of redrawing them all the time when I ran out of room in my journals. All of the long term pages are going in a binder that is housed in my old planner notebook (a nice leather one with handles and a zipper!), which is divided into sections, kind of like my life. My big picture weight tracker, 100 things list, 25 books list, etc… these will all be in that binder, printed or illustrated on cardstock where it seems appropriate. I don’t have to draw them but once a year, they stay handy, since my monthly notebook will totally fit inside the zipper, and I don’t lose them or destroy them. Sweet, right?

So, there’s my big setup. Maybe I’ll get a wild hair when I get it finished and take pictures to show it off. Wish me luck!

Until next time!




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