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I’m tired.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of people having an opinion about things that have nothing to do with them. What’s worse, I’m tired of them forcing that opinion on others, telling them what they should say, or think, or do. Stop.

I’m tired of not being enough for anyone. I’m not enough teacher, not enough mom, not enough wife, not enough friend, not enough… Anything. No, I don’t want anyone to tell me I’m wrong because I’m not. I don’t do enough to keep anyone happy.

I’m tired of the never ending frustration that follows me everywhere I go. I’m frustrated because nothing goes the way it’s supposed to go. I’m frustrated because people don’t understand… Anything. I’m frustrated because I don’t seem to be getting anywhere, no matter how hard I pedal the wheels on the bike I call life.

I’m tired of not catching a break. Life has been crap for six weeks, now. Hurricanes, evacuations, running out of money while out of town, trees nearly falling on roofs, coordinating with tree companies to take the tree down, debris everywhere… There it’s literally no end to this list. I’ve had two friends die in 6 weeks. I have been to more meetings than I care to shake a stick at. I’ve tried teaching myself about growth mindset learning because I can’t get training anywhere else. Every time something goes right, I get slammed with something epically wrong.

I’m just tired. And I need a break.