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Cleaning Day

There’s not a lot to talk about today. It was cleaning day, here at my house. We have a party next Saturday for my oldest daughter’s birthday. There’s a lot of things that need doing around my house, so… I did some of them. One thing is my yarn stash needs some organizing. I have boxes and boxes of yarn outside in the garage and bags inside. I cleaned off a bookcase (that’s a big thing for me, you should be shocked) and moved it into a corner of the dining room, where I then loaded it up with my yarn. It looks nice, but I really want to get some of the cube bin shelving so I can hide all the strings. That’ll have to wait until after this weekend, though.

I am running low on food again. I’ve decided I really hate this and this morning I edited my order (which will be placed on Tuesday) so I get more of the things I am running out of. Hopefully, it won’t happen again next month, especially since I have so much left of the stuff I ordered prior to now that isn’t quite so “grab and go” friendly.

Which made me realize that, perhaps, the problem with my eating habits centers around my need to eat things that I can multi-task with. It’s a long-running joke that teachers learn how to eat and work or scarf down food in record times because we simply don’t have the extra time in our days to sit down and just eat. I know it’s funny because it’s true, though. I don’t have a lot of prep time, so dinner is really the only meal I have all day that I can prepare what I eat. Even nuking the mashed potatoes is difficult while I’m at school! It’s much more convenient to grab a bar or mix a shake that I down in a couple of gulps while I’m grading papers than to mix this, stir that, microwave for one minute, stir again and microwave another minute, then let stand for X minutes. “Let stand,” is secret code for “forget you made this” in teacher language. That’s usually what happens for me, anyway. I get all the way to that point, I’ve invested 5 or so minutes in the process of making food and I get distracted by a phone call, an e-mail, or the stack of papers on my desk.

So, what’s the answer, here? I can’t stay on this diet forever. I don’t have prep time in the evenings to make the following day’s food, so cutting up celery or making a week’s worth of chicken salad isn’t an option. I need food that I can grab and go that isn’t full of processed crap and won’t result in me fitting in these pants again.

*sighs* There’s not an answer. That’s the answer here. I have some time to find alternatives, too. I have a little over 70 pounds left to lose, so I’ll be packing my shakes and crunch bars for a while to come. Maybe I just feel a little melancholy, especially since I just realized I haven’t done laundry for tomorrow, yet. Well, crap! I haven’t had my meds in a few days, either. Boo.

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 217 pounds.



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