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25 pounds!!!!

I’ll be honest, I’ve been dancing around about this all day and I’m kind of tired of hearing me gloat about it. I’m still super excited about it, though, so I’ll save my last WHOOHOO! for whoever is reading this!

Now, my day has been somewhat bleh after such a radical high this morning. I have done something different today, though, that I seriously need to get in the habit of doing even when I don’t have awesome mornings on the brain. I forced myself to be positive… all day. When one of my kids did something that pushed a button, I reacted, then snapped out of it and did something positive. So, while I wasn’t exactly cheerful and bouncy coming home, I at least wasn’t a grumpy-puss. So, win, right?

The worst part? My clothes still fit. I’ve lost 25 pounds and my clothes still fit. When I originally set up my weight loss goals, 25 pounds would’ve gotten me a new dress. What’s the point of buying a new dress if it’s the same size I am already wearing? It’s a tiny bit depressing. I don’t want to reward myself with the huge mound of sugar that I’m craving. So, what’s the thing? I’ve hit a great thing, I want to celebrate. It’s Thursday, though, so… bleh. No junk food, no celebratory dinner, no new clothes. Boo.

Which then makes me really irritable because… have I become so extrinsic with my needs? That I need a “thing” to make me feel good about having reached a benchmark that, in the end, will benefit ME?

I have a migraine just thinking about it.

Until then,

This is me checking in at 215 pounds!!!



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