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Of Tropical Storms, Heavy fighting, and Archery

The last few days have been… weird?

Friday, school was cancelled in preparation of Tropical Storm conditions. We lost power around 10 AM and didn’t get it back until after 8 PM. So, we had a great day with no power! The girls didn’t get wacky until around 6, we grilled dinner and cooked sides on a hot plate fueled by a generator. It was like camping, except inside our house! The girls got “candle dinner” which is one of their favorite things. Don’t get excited, it’s just turning off all the lights, or not having power for the lights, so we light every candle I have on the table so we can eat. They love it. Then, we lit every candle in the den for light as the sun went down. I’m kind of impressed by how good it looks lit up that way, honestly.


Saturday was a busy day. I got in armor for Fighter Practice on Saturday and got two good fights in before my wrist decided it had had enough. I have carpal tunnel. I wrapped it in a boxer’s brace and it didn’t go well. The vibration of the blows irritated the crap out of my wrist. So, back to the drawing board there. I hung out around the house and watched a pair of kids who are seriously the easiest ones on the planet to watch. Then the girls and I went to dinner at Olive Garden. We came home and started watching a movie! The little one fell asleep on the couch, so I put her to bed around 8:30. Naturally, the power went out before I got the big one in bed. I wasn’t looking forward to trying to get her into bed, but it turns out, I had completely exhausted her and she crashed after about 10 minutes! I went to bed, too. I had worn myself out, as well, apparently. The power came on about 9:30, so there’s that.


Then, there’s today. It seems that every thing that was set out to do today turned into a thing. We left to take my husband to work to get his hours, but he forgot his security badge, so no getting in to get his stuff. We drove all the way to Pooler before he realized it. We did get a great lunch at Los Bravos in Pooler. After which we came all the way back home and took a short nap. Then I drove out to the park for Archery practice. I shot a 14, which is great for me! Doesn’t hold a candle to what my friends shot, but there you go. I shot better than I did the last time (only a 6, then). It was really the only thing that worked in my day. Then we set out to get dinner and hit Walmart. We started at Dickie’s Bar-B-Que. They were out of chicken, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, so we didn’t stay for food. We ended up at Huddle House. Insane, right? They had grilled chicken, though, so all’s right with the world! It was too late for the Wal-mart trip, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The best part, however, was that I crashed through 20 pounds this weekend. I hit 219 this weekend! I stuck to my plan ALL WEEKEND, even through the lack of power on Friday! SQUEE!

So, here we are! One more day of my long weekend (I really love how long this weekend has been! I need this more often!) to go and I’m really hoping it is slow and easy! Wish me luck with that!


Until next time!

This is me, checking in at 219.3 lbs! ❤



Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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