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CRAFTing Optimum Health

hehe, like what I did, there?

Today has been a pretty blah kind of day. The copiers were down at work, so getting homework done for my kiddos wasn’t the easiest thing on the planet. My lunch buddy was out and I spent every bit of my breaks sending files to the print shop for copying (here’s hoping I get them in time to use them in class) or printing homework. It’s not good for getting my relaxing break in for lunchtime.

So… my CRAFT time today has been:

C- I put a few rows on my newest scarf. I put it down when the headache I am fighting started interfering, though.

R- I am writing this so I can go to bed and take my book with me. Relaxing is in my immediate future.

A- I didn’t get any alone time today. This is pretty typical of my work day routine and something I really need to work on changing.

F- My focus was on getting out of work today without anything blowing up. I know that sounds funny, but, after last week, I needed a day where I got through it and no one fussed at me about anything. I kept my head down and got done what I needed to get done. I call that a success.

T- I’m writing this blog, so that’s my telling for tonight. I am planning on writing a letter tomorrow, but that’ll be tomorrow’s tell. Given the headache, this will have to do.


So, as you can see, my headache has put a damper on my CRAFT Time today. It’s pretty typical, actually. Don’t worry, this is all allergies. Summer made getting my shots difficult, so I’m going to have to get back to them, now that school is going and is settling down.


In Health-land, I seem to have hit a stall on weight loss, but I’m sure that’s more to do with me and my eating habits than anything else. I was better about it today, ensuring that I ate every three hours and had a turkey burger with no bun and a side salad that was light on light dressing for dinner. I didn’t do such a great job with drinking today, either. That may be playing into my headache, as well.


In other news, it looks like we’re going to see some tropical weather towards the end of the week. Mother Nature looks like she’s trying to give me a four day weekend the hard way. Here in Savannah, we don’t have SNOW days. We have HURRICANE days. ugh.


Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 221.3 pounds.



Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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