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Optimum Health- a new internal system

So, this is my second blog post today because I had a bit of an epiphany this morning and dreamed up CRAFT Time. I didn’t write last night because I spent the entire day at the Citadel Mall in Charleston, SC and collapsed into a night of being dead to the world until 7 AM this morning as soon as I got home.

So, let’s talk about today and my CRAFT Time experiment, along with my Optimum Health journey.

C- I have created: The CRAFT Time focus, laid out this week’s BUJO pages with an intro page on each week for my trackers, knitted one foot of a new scarf!

R- I have been knitting, I drove out to spend an hour practicing archery, and I’m about to turn on the next episode of Gilmore Girls. I’ll read a bit before I go to bed, too.

A- I didn’t take anyone with me to the range today. I got two hours of peace and quiet, where NO ONE talked to me. Technically, I’m alone right now, but a kid or husband could walk through the house at any time. I don’t like counting this hour as my alone time for that reason.

F- Today’s focus all happened during archery practice. The rhythm of drawing and firing, the breathing that goes with it, is its own kind of meditation and yoga. The result? Look at this grouping!


T- I’ve written two blog entries today!


In Health land, I haven’t gotten nearly as many steps today as yesterday (hit my 10K!), but I did get an arm workout with that bow (it’s a 30 lb draw longbow), and I’ve washed 5 loads of clothes, 1 load of dishes, and cooked two meals. I’ve been close to my plan today. In fact, it’s time to eat so I’ll cut this a little shore. I have lost another pound in the middle of all of this bloating, though! Here’s hoping when the water weight comes back off, the numbers will be lower!

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 221 pounds!





Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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