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For a little while now, I’ve been trying to force myself into a daily ritual that appeared in the book, The Miracle Morning. I realized that I am failing at this because it’s just not a natural thing for me and that I am totally the square peg to that round hole. Apparently this is my weekend for epiphanies, though, because I realized that the purpose of that SAVERS every morning (or, in my case, every day) was to help focus energy towards positive things. Well, as a mother, teacher, wife, and SCAdian, I don’t have a lot of extra time to try to fit something in that doesn’t naturally flow with my day. So, I reworked my daily focusing activities into what I am calling CRAFT Time.

As with everything, these days, CRAFT is an acronym. Let me walk you through the pieces.



C stands for CREATE. I am a crafter, a maker, a doer. I can’t sit still and do nothing, it makes me crazy. So, I have a thousand and one hobbies to keep my hands and mind occupied while I’m sitting on the couch enjoying my family, who are all doing their own things, too. I’ve found that the days I can’t create, that I can’t make something, are really difficult for me to get through. I always have multiple projects going at the same time to keep myself from being bored out of my mind, too. I pick up something else when I feel pushed or bored, then I come back to it when the thing I picked up gets pushy or boring.

Examples for me include: writing, creating spreads in my bullet journal, creating pages in my art journal, knitting, crochet, embroidery, lucet braiding, kumihimo braiding, bobbin lace making, and researching details for projects. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list!


R stands for Relax. I know you don’t think I’m relaxing if I’m knitting on the couch, but it’s very relaxing to me. The goal is here to set aside all of the stresses and things that are hounding me all day and just breathe and relax. I’ve found that the days I’m burning the candle at both ends are really impossible for me to get to sleep at night. Then I don’t sleep well, because I’m so tired that I crash… HARD.

Examples for me include: reading, writing in my bullet journal, meditating, and sometimes even yoga!


A stands for Alone time. I’m an introvert, I need some time where no one is calling my name, distracting me, needing me to do something, or making demands on my time. This is the part I’m really not good at giving myself, but it’s something I know I need. Of all of these pieces, this one will be the most difficult for me to accomplish on a daily basis. Why? Because I have kids who need their mother’s attention and a husband who does, too. I have things I have to get done that don’t give me a much time to separate myself from people during the day, either. As an introvert, though, I have found that my anxiety levels skyrocket, which makes relaxing or focusing on a task close to impossible to do.

Examples for me include: take a walk, go to archery practice alone… I’m still working on this part.


F is for Focus. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that it’s really hard for me to focus on what’s really important. When that happens, the things that are important slip. This creates a bit of a problem as I scramble to get back on top of those things.

Examples for me include: meditation, yoga, visualization…


T is for Telling. I am getting better at this, I guess. This one isn’t specific so I don’t get tied down and feel like crap because I forgot something. The point here is to share something with someone, anyone. It can take any form that makes sense, e-mail, letters, phone calls, text messages, Facebook, or even this blog! The goal here is to connect with at least one person every day. “Tiff you’re surrounded with people all day long. Remember? That’s why you need that ‘Alone Time?'” Yeah, but this is a pointedly connected way to interact with someone else. Not a bunch of people, not about anything I HAVE to get done. It can be the same person I talked to yesterday, even! In fact, I can even tell just myself, in the form of a private journal!

Examples for me include: journaling, writing letters, writing e-mails, calling people, sending text messages, posting on Facebook, and posting to this blog.


I will be tweaking this in the fuzzy areas as I work through it, so I’ll be posting updates. I think this will work better for me, though, than that SAVERS I was trying to cram in every day.

Here’s what it looks like in my Bullet Journal this week:



So, there you have it!

My new attempt at wrangling the things in my head! Wish me luck!


Until next time!




Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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