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Optimum Health- Knitting

I’ve given up counting the days. I can’t keep them straight, anyway.

Today was a day, much like many others before. We had PTA tonight, so I was at school for 11 hours. Some of that I spent trying to de-stress and get ahead of what I need to be doing.

It was in this vein that I realized something that’s going to be very important from her eon out. You see, I learned how to knit this past weekend and I’ve found that it is a marvelous tool for releasing stress. I now take it with me everywhere. I broke a needle yesterday (it was wooden and gorgeous. I am very sad!) and I HAD to get another one. It nagged at me all day. I put it off as long as I could, but after dinner, I was grabbing my keys and heading to Hobby Lobby (who no longer sells the needles, I might add). I had to replace it. I couldn’t STOP knitting. I needed the stress relief.

During my lunch break, I knit.

Sitting on the couch watching TV, I knit.

It sounds like addiction, but it gives my hands something to do and, somehow, I feel better after doing it for a bit. In the end, I’ve MADE something, too, which feels really good on top of it. As if my stress levels COULD be productive!

This lead me down a rabbit hole, though. I’ve heard of therapists a few years ago who recommended knitting as a stress control activity. It was second hand and I’m pretty sure I blew it off, but now?

Now I’ve found these articles…

The New York Times, The Health Benefits of Knitting (January 2016)

The Craft Yarn Council, The Truth About Knitting

Psychology Today, Should You Knit? (November 2013), Knitting Your Way Out of the Agony: World Mental Health Day (October 2015)– the whole site!


So, it’s not just me. What is it about knitting that does this?

I think it’s…1423921-valentine-herrenschmidt-magic-word-sculpture-a

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 221.3 pounds!




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