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Optimum Health- Day 28

This one is going to be short, mostly because the SCA blog entry will be longer. I went to an event today and learned some awesome things that I need to write down!

So, today in the health area, I spent time with friends at an event close enough that I slept in until 7:30 this morning and didn’t leave my house until after 9:30. A great friend offered to watch the girls while I went and the girls raced me out of the house to get in the swagger wagon to go. LOL

Now, this is where the potential of fallout comes with this diet. You see, taking classes means being on someone else’s schedule. There’s no microwave to heat up lunch and setting a timer means it going off in the middle of a class where my hands are wrapped around a project and not readily available for shaking up a fueling.

My answer? Dumb luck? The good news is that with this program you eat every 2-3 hours. That gives you an hour of flex time! So, I did hit 2 hours in the middle of a class. It was alright, though, because I grabbed a bar as soon as the class was over 30 minutes later and didn’t go over my 3 hour window! I made a shake before I left the event 3 hours later, too! I didn’t miss a single fueling today and still spent my day surrounded by people!

I made healthy choices for dinner, too! Aside from the Oreo Frappe I grabbed on the way home, I was very, very on target today! I’m rather proud of that!

Ok, I’m proud of that AND the fact that my garb is starting not to fit. I realized that I was stepping all over my skirts. Don’t get me wrong, the back of my skirt usually drags the ground (I like it that way. It’s my girlie thing… *coughs*). Not the front of my skirt, though, and that’s where I was stepping on it. I was starting to get pretty annoyed about it, actually. Then I felt the skirt shift on my hips when I walked. You see, my garb was a little loose around my hips, where before it had been a bit snug. My belt kept sliding, too, which felt weird.




I’ve lost enough weight around my hips that my skirts are longer and I’m stepping on them.


Oh, and I stepped on the scale this morning and, not only have I lost the weight I gained by my weekend of splurging last weekend, I’ve lost another pound, too!


Oh, and I celebrated by treating myself to a kid-free trip to Books-A-Million, Hobby Lobby, and Seasons of Japan while I was in Statesboro! Whoo-hoo!

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 221 pounds!



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