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Optimum Health- Day 27

I thought about this today, whether I should still be calling these entries “Optimum Health” or not. I don’t talk about the plan I’m on for the food I’ve been eating very much the last few entries. I sat down tonight, though, and read Dr. A’s book (you can check it out here) and the workbook that goes along with it. I decided to approach this as a studied reading, breaking out notebooks, book marks and pens. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty straight forward and note taking seems silly.

One thing did stick out in my head while I was reading tonight, though, and I think it’s something I’m going to push in my class, too, for academic purposes.


You see, that falls right in line with Growth Mindset stuff I’m reading about for school. It’s the process of accepting failure as a learning tool and building from it. Go ahead, Google it. In today’s society, I think we need more Growth Mindset. In fact, it matches the IB (International Baccalaureate) Program ideals really well, too. In fact, I was doing the research part without even knowing I was on that path. Reading the book… oddly enough, it was the repeat cycle that made me pick up the book.

Here, let me walk you through this from my perspective…

RESEARCH- My health coach looks GREAT! She credits this program with the transformation. So, I asked her about it. I never told her, but I did look it up online, too. I was impressed with the results, not put off by the concept of buying food or eating more meals or even drinking a ton of water every day.

DO- I took the plunge, ordered the food, started tracking my water, and rebooted my bullet journal to track everything. When the food arrived, I jumped in with both feet, pretty much like I do everything. I packed my meals to go work in my classroom and religiously tracked everything.

REVIEW- I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, lately. Partially, because my husband was asking me about whether I really wanted to buy another round of food or not. That question kind of forces you into reflection. I’ve dropped 18 pounds, though I’ve put 4 of them back on in the last week thanks to birthday parties, family visiting, and stress at work. It’s in my reflection that I noted that I didn’t eat a doughnut at Krispie Kreme on Saturday morning and I didn’t really miss it. When I gave myself permission to go bananas and eat whatever I wanted last night, I didn’t actually go bananas. I didn’t even eat dessert or drink a whole big girl drink! I didn’t feel jipped, even if I was looking forward to a blondie at Applebee’s. They’re my favorite thing about that place. So my answer was yes, I wanted to keep doing it. The weight loss is great, but I like it even more than I don’t feel like I’ve missed something when surrounded by sugary stuff. While I’m pretty sure I can keep that going, not being hungry makes it easier.

CORRECT- So, now I’m working on correcting things. I was reading tonight about unconscious habits that are bad for my health. Maybe I’m just really not conscious of them, but I couldn’t think of more than 2! Skipping meals is a biggie, because I get busy and run out of time, especially at school. Sitting on the couch for an hour each night with the girls before bedtime is probably up there, too. Otherwise… they’re really unconscious! I can’t think of any more!

So, this is leading me back around to research again. I’m going to track everything I do during the day for a week. I’ll try not to write it here and bore the crap out of you (you’re welcome!), but I will be writing it down. Maybe I can find them that way? Eh, I’m hopeful. I need to find them, anyway.

I’ve gone all the way through this to say that I am still going to call this Optimum Health because I realized that Health is so much more than food and plans. It’s a whole package thing. My mental health, my physical health… it’s all the package that will become my Optimum Health.


On the topic of food, I want to say that I’ve tried two new things since my food arrived yesterday! The first was a chewy cookie dough bar that was pretty awesome! The second was a banana shake! HOLY COW! That banana shake tasted like a banana Now and Later! Let’s get this clear… I can’t stand the taste of real bananas, but fake bananas? OH YEAH! So, when I say that shake tasted like a banana Now and Later… I’m HAPPY about it!

Tomorrow, I’m going to try some of the new stuff from Optiava, so I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Dark Chocolate Cherry Shake? Ummm…yes!

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 224 pounds!




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