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Optimum Health- Day 27

Today was a really crappy day.

Just getting up and getting the girls ready to go was a production that spawned a crying fit from the youngest one because she didn’t like the shirt I picked out for her to wear. We’re a uniform district, there aren’t that many shirts to choose from, in the first place.

At work, I was been blessed out twice (once by a counselor and once by the principal) about not sending a kid with a blister from the monkey bars to the nurse for a bandaid. My schedule was completely destroyed within the first hour by a presentation that took all of the girls out of my class and then by an online reading test required by my district that requires logging into the Chromebooks in my room a specific way. I was blessed out again because a kid (mine) was sitting in my room with lice in her hair, even though she was sitting at my desk WAY away from everyone else. They tried to force me to go home by getting a sub I didn’t ask for, too. My mother in law came and picked her up for me, which was a big load off my shoulders. I stopped my my mailbox, then the office, before I stopped by the nurse’s office after lunch to make sure she’d been picked up. My principal asked me, while I was holding fist fulls of papers and checking names on boxes (a sweet friend donated school supplies to my class and they were supposed to arrive today!), whether my kid had gone home or not, then gave me “the look” when I said I wasn’t sure, it was next on my stops on my way back to my room. She then proceeded to go into the nurse’s office and find out for herself. I still stopped on my way and the nurse told me she’d been picked up. My class got complaints from every teacher that came into contact with them today, because they were talking excessively. The wicked witch of the South Side had to come out (that’s me when I cease being the fun teacher they all enjoy). It had little impact on them until this afternoon, when the third teacher complained about them acting up coming back from recess. They were silent as little church mice for DEAR time, thankfully. And just in case that wasn’t enough, I’m carrying the RTI caseload for two teachers, since our long-term sub has refused to do it. To be fair, I volunteered to pull the kids and keep their data because I was in the lunchroom with them at lunch time, anyway. I can do that for a few weeks until the teacher is hired and settled. Hopefully, there’s some good kharma in there, somewhere. I missed a fueling thanks to this meeting, however. Ugh.

After school, I had to take my youngest to her first ballet class of the season, where she only has one other kid for the teacher to handle. The teacher looked at me funny and asked if I registered her for this class, because she didn’t have her on the list. I reminded her that I’d responded to a post on Facebook and she’d answered me, saying she’d hold a spot for her on Wednesdays. She doesn’t remember that, of course. Her shoes won’t be in until next week, so I had to dig through a box to find a pair that would do until we can get the news ones. *sighs*

Afterwards, I picked up my oldest and came back to get the youngest before heading home to meet my husband. I’d told him about most of my horrible day and he’d responded by volunteering to take us out to dinner so that a) I didn’t have to cook, and b) I didn’t have to clean, either. Oh, and I could get a drink, too. Now, I’ll be honest and say I had no intention of being good for dinner tonight. I wasn’t outright horrible, though. I got a 4 cheese mac’ n’ Cheese with honey pepper chicken. Holy COW was that good! Unfortunately, halfway through it, I started getting a little nauseous, so I couldn’t finish it. 😦

So, when we got home, we tackled baths and hair. The oldest got a medicated shampooing, then I picked eggs from her hair while she was doing her homework. I’m sure I didn’t get them all, but finding them when she’s moving and her hair is wet isn’t the easiest thing on the planet. I’ll just keep picking at them until they go away, I guess. Just thinking about it is making my scalp crawl. I HATE THAT!

On the good news front, my new shipment of yummies has arrived! I have restocked my brownies and cookies and have added some new things that I am looking forward to trying. I nabbed a cookie dough bar for my 4th fueling this evening and it was already YUMMY!!!

So, there you have it. That’s my horrible day. The temptation to toss my diet to the wind was overwhelming, until it was staring me in the face. That should probably make me feel better. I’m working on that.


Anyway, until next time!

This is me, checking in at 224.0 pounds!




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