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Optimum Health- Day 26

I haven’t written in a few days. I realized that this morning when I was filling out my bullet journal. My last “S” in SAVERS is blank. *sighs* So, I’m going to fix that.

This weekend, we celebrated my youngest daughter’s birthday. I was a good girl and (generally) stuck to my plan. Everyone else had burgers and hot dogs, I had a 4 oz chicken breast. I made sure I ate the veggies off the tray, too! I did have a slice of cake, but I passed on the ice cream. That’s as far as my good intentions went, though, I’m afraid. I ate a Papa Joe with Kale and Quiona salad at Jason’s Deli, but then my Dad and I went to a birthday party for a friend at my tribe’s favorite Irish Pub and I had drinks and pecan pie, too. I had fought off the Krispie Kreme’s that morning and everything!

On Sunday, I had the opposite problem. I didn’t hardly eat anything. We ran into a time crunch and I left the house without eating breakfast! I was gone until lunchtime, so that was two fuelings I missed completely! I chose healthi-er options for lunch and dinner, considering we ate at Taco Bell (before I got home from my outing) and ordered pizza for dinner.

I’ve been better the last two days with my eating. I’ve gotten back on my plan and have paid more attention to the portion sizes at the lean and green fueling. I’m hoping I’ll get back into fat burn quickly.

Speaking of which, I had so much energy this weekend! Even eating like crap, I was still full of energy and didn’t feel the least bit worn out. I fell asleep pretty promptly, too!

Now, the last few days, I’ve been dealing with that weird sensation of my eyes and head being sleepy, but the rest of me having energy. It feels weird! This evening, my throat is a scratchy mess, though, so I think it’s triggered by my allergies acting up. I’m sleepy, but going outside to help my husband put away the water slide he bought for the party this weekend (and the subsequent mosquito invasion) made me wish I could get outside. I had the physical energy!

So, anyway. I’m pretty sure digging in the dirt is what’s causing my scratchy throat. I have more plants that need dirt, though, so I’m going to have to suck it up and get out there this weekend to get them in the ground. Wish me luck!


Until next time!

This is me, checking in at 224.7 pounds (stupid cake…)



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