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Optimum Health- Day 20

Today… I feel amazing today. I swear I’ve posted more than a week ago, but the internet gods say I haven’t. So, I have some big news! I have officially lost 18 pounds as of today!!

My jeans are all falling off my waist and barely being caught by my hips.

I zipped up a skirt today that I’ve been zipping up at my ribs because my waist was too big to get the zipper up. It was on my waist today.

My pants are all baggy in the backside.


And just in case that wasn’t enough for you…

I have so much energy! It’s a great, amazing, feeling! I love it!


I almost don’t remember what else I was going to tell you! hahaha

Now, I will say that I am about to run into a serious problem. All of the food I like… I’m running out of. My order gets placed on Saturday, but it’ll be Friday of next week before it gets here. Boo. I did, however, try the fruit cereal that I tried the first week and it didn’t taste as horrible as it did then! I actually ate the whole bag! woohoo!

I do actually have another post to put up today, but it’s not about my waistline, so I’m going to do it separately from here!

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 222 pounds!




Teacher, Mother, Wife, Reeve, Fighter, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Track Director... I do it all, people!

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