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Optimum Health Day 16

Today was a day. I’m ready for bed. It started off well enough. My scale says I’ve dropped 15 pounds as of today! That’s motivating!

School is proving to be a really long day. Right now our schedules are all wonky, so there’s not much down time and I run out of time very quickly during the day. There’s more tweaking in my future, because I have got to get more in during the day.

I barely made it to work on time because my girls were dragging this morning. I hate being late. I made it one minute before I was on time. bleh. Then I was at school until they kicked me out because the website we use for our lesson plans kept deleting things I’d input. I gave up trying to organize the lessons so I could get it finished. I’ll edit them and work on adding them to units later. More bleh.

After school, we went to Jason’s Deli for dinner and I made it a point to get all my veggies in. I WAS SOO STUFFED! We drove over to the Uniform Source at Savannah Mall and got fresh uniforms for my Tadpole, since I can only find three of her uniforms from last year. We got 5 full uniforms for right at $100. Not bad, considering!

I have been watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies since the girls went to bed, since watching it before they went to bed wasn’t an option. The Parade of Nations is nearly over. The US looks like they’re favorites in quite a few areas, so I’m excited about sharing the games with my class over the next few weeks. 🙂

Now I’m tired and I’m about to bake a brownie and go to bed. I guess I put the phone down too many times today, because it says I’ve only walked 8,284 steps today. I really need to find my Fitbit and get it charged. I haven’t seen it since April. 😦

Until next time,

This is me checking in at 225 pounds!!!



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