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Optimum Health- Day 13

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for almost two weeks! Some days are easier than others, but with only a splurge here and there, I’ve done my best to stay on the plan! I love all of the energy I have when I’ve done it right!

I didn’t get to post yesterday because it was so late when I got home. It was a very long day! I worked my tail off finishing my room up during the day, then came home to get the girls and headed back for Open House. Out of my class list of 23 students, 19 of them showed up for open house and I got 2 more! I realized that a stack of my chairs has disappeared, so I have to find more (joy). I was very excited when I left, though, because everyone seemed awesome! Then I drove out to a friend’s house for BUNCO, which is something I desperately needed. I got home a little after 10 and crashed after finishing up some last minute things to get the girls ready for the First Day of School!

Today, we somehow got to work really early (which I loved!) and got everything set up for the kids coming in. A couple of my kids that didn’t come to open house made it today, so I spent today with 22 lovely (if very talkative), third graders! My feet are killing me, but I hit 10K steps by 5 this afternoon!

I’m going to have to work on drinking water while I’m at school, I can tell. I realized at lunch that not only had I not been drinking all morning, but that my water bottle was still in the car! That’s not going to do me much good! So, making sure I get enough to drink during the day is going to be my focus for a while, I think. I did manage to get all of my meals in, though. I’m heading to the kitchen to warm up my brownie, right now! 🙂


Here’s hoping tomorrow is more smooth!

Until next time,

This is me, checking in at 228 pounds!




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