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Optimum Health- Day 10

Wow, what a Saturday. We’re still cleaning up the backyard, so this morning I puttered around cleaning the kitchen up until lunchtime, when I talked my husband into taking a coffee table to the school. He grabbed food and they ate lunch in my room while I did some little things like organize the stuff in my pencil drawer of my desk, hang the table skirt on my computer tables, and set out the stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby last night (Newton’s Cradle and a magnetic sand timer! SO COOL!). Then we came home and attacked the back yard again. Today’s project was raking out the years and years’ worth of pinestraw and leaves that have fallen along the edges of the yard and bagging it. More than twenty bags later (we ran out), we piled the rest of it up so we can bag it tomorrow, and hauled the limbs to the front. The debris of our labors:


Afterwards, that shower felt amazing.

I ordered everyone pizza and then left before it arrived for some “Tiff Time.” I wasn’t going to get very long and the fact that we need to work on the back yard again tomorrow is going to seriously kill the rest of my Tiff Time (I’m still going to Painting with a Twist at 1, though!) tomorrow, too. I swear, I’m going to need a therapist. Maybe that’s where I’ll get some Tiff Time? *sighs*

Anyway, for my shortened break, I took myself to the Asian Buffet and grabbed some sesame chicken, an egg roll, wonton soup (without the wonton, so it’s pretty much just broth), and a side of stir fried vegetables. I was so stuffed!!!! From there, I went to Michael’s because my bullet journal goodies have outgrown their case so I needed a new one. I need a frame for a scroll I was given at Crown List, and I am on the search for some plastic cups for my kids’ desks to hold their pencils. We’re probably going to Walmart tomorrow to get backpacks for the girls since they’re the only ones that seem to stock the clear/mesh ones required by our school district, so I’ll see what they’ve got while I’m there. I walked over to Ulta Beauty Supplies, which is not one of my usual stops. There are a ton of options in that place and it boggles the mind. I did spray some of my favorite $$ perfume on my wrists (Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, btw… I love that stuff!) and bought a manicure set for AFTER the yardwork is done. I picked up some eyeshadow and lipstick, too, since my current sets aren’t really making me happy. I paid a bit for these sets, but I think they’re going to be much better! We’ll see, I guess. I went over the Barnes and Noble to see if they had any teacher supplies (they don’t) and had to walk around and grin at all the geekery housed in that building. The new Harry Potter book is released tomorrow and the store is having a celebration release party. They’ll be open until after midnight, tonight. It did my heart so good to see all the people walking around that store in cloaks and waving wands. Oatland Island had their barred owl out (Dad’s favorite!) and there was a sorting hat… seriously, just tons of stuff, everywhere. I hit my kerfew while I was in there, though, and since they didn’t have what I’d come after, I had to go home. So, here I am, on the couch, telling you about my day.

I will tell you that I am super exhausted. The energy I have had the last few days is not present today. I had a hard time staying awake this morning and only moving and working kept me from passing out. I won’t be up very long tonight, either, since I’m aching from head to toe, need to take a Benedryll because I was outside while there was grass being cut (and the mold under the pine needles didn’t help, either!), and I’m just exhausted.

In the land of Optimum Health, I was very good at eating my 5 + 1 today, I think. I weighed myself twice today, out of curiosity, since I was fighting my pants all day yesterday. Oddly enough, today being the first day of my cycle, I’d actually LOST 5 pounds when I weighed at my normal time! After working in the yard and getting a shower, I stepped on the scales nude and I had gained those five pounds back! hahaha That’ll teach me, I guess.

Oh well. I’m thinking it’s bedtime, now.

Until next time!

This is me checking in at 230 pounds!



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