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Optimum Health- Day 9

My pants are falling down. Not completely off my hips, but they droop, which is enough to be really annoying. *grins broadly* I need to take my measurements, now that I’m home to do them. 🙂

Ok, so today was bananas. I got out of the door on time, got dismissed by my kids early, so I had time to stop at Walmart on my way to school. I picked up some things for my classroom and headed on to work. I had so much energy, I was nearly skipping into the building! It was CRAZY! I hit 50% of my step goal by 9 AM. I’m not joking!

I attended 2 meetings, handled a big project, and nearly finished my room! I kept getting stopped on my way out the door, so I was late getting home. We ate at Applebee’s and I made sure I got good stuff. There wasn’t enough veggies there, so I’m going to fix that before bedtime with some zucchini that’s in the fridge!

I grabbed some painted bottle caps and ceramic magnets, then came home and glued them together with E6000 adhesive. That stuff is amazing! I’m going to have to go back and grab some more tomorrow. I’m sure the boys won’t be happy with a pink magnet, so rather than deal with that, I’m going to go grab two other colors and make some more tomorrow.

What I did NOT do so well today is eat. Those meetings and projects were horrible for allowing me to get things done and I missed lunch completely, along with my afternoon snack. I swallowed 90 ounces of water, though!

So, now I’m staring at this screen, 11,000 steps after I got up this morning, and I’m thinking WOW! I could sleep!

So, I think I will!


Until next time!

This is me, checking in at 235 pounds.



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