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JoAnn’s is having a serious giveaway!

Just a heads up for my crafty friends!

Their Facebook page announced a giveaway of up to a $500 gift card!

The details:

<quote>We’re giving away gift cards, free classes, and more sometime soon to help inspire your next project. But here’s the catch: inspiration could strike at any moment!

Sign up now, and we’ll notify you when these rewards go up for grabs. The faster you act, the better the reward. The first 4 to respond will win a $500 gift card, but we’ll make sure no one walks away empty-handed!

Share the campaign with friends and get them to opt in and you’ll get a heads-up on when the rewards will be released so you can move quick. Don’t miss out!</quote>


So, follow this link and opt in for your chance to win! 





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