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Optimum Health- Day 8

I realized I didn’t post yesterday somewhere around… midnight. At which point, it’s kinda silly, right? The girls and I spent my last day off work having FUN and it was great! We went to the library and leveled up for awesome coupons in their summer reading program (we’re working on Level 4, now!) and then went Poke-hunting at the mall! Since that made us hungry, we ate there, then went to Chuck E Cheese where the girls ran wild and Tadpole racked up 228 tickets all on her own! We went to see The Secret Life of Pets afterwards, then used one of our summer reading coupons to get free cupcakes from Gigi’s! Then we drove to Pooler and bought coloring books and crayons at Michael’s and visited the critters at Petsmart before meeting my husband for dinner at the Mellow Mushroom! We came home after that and crashed HARD! I’ll work on writing up reviews after I finish this post, I guess.

Today was my first day back at work after a WAY TOO SHORT summer. I’ve been working on my room for about a week, so it’s nearly finished. I get a little closer every day, which is nice. My goal is to have my room set up by the end of tomorrow and spend next week planning and organizing until school starts. We’ll see how well that works based on how much I get done! Wish me luck! It was kind of the first in a series of days that will become my norm. I got home just before 5, sat down for a few minutes, husband came home and we cooked dinner, then we crashed on the couch for an hour before the girls go to bed. This is the time of year that I always have to deal with hating the fact that I only see my kids for about 5 hours a day. I’m so used to having them 24/7, after being home with them all summer, that it takes some transition time to get used to not seeing them as much.

In Optimum Health-land, yesterday was a break through day for me. I realized as we were running all over the place that I had ENERGY to keep up with the girls. It felt great! I wasn’t tired! <— see that? That’s a big thing for me! Coach Theresa says that’s “fat burn” kicking in, but I felt like I’d had a cup of coffee… I DON’T DRINK COFFEE! I haven’t lost an ounce, so it’s a bit disheartening. However, feeling that energy was amazing. Today hasn’t been any different and I found myself cheerful ALL DAY! Considering how much I still have to do, it’s daunting, but I didn’t feel that, at all! I just started attacking it! It, along with the tightening I feel across my back, are two really big motivators! Now, if the scale would start agreeing with me, it’d be great!

I didn’t try anything new today, so there’s not much to report, food-wise. I had a very hard time choking down the ziti I made for lunch, so I’m going to do some shopping and find something to add some flavor to it. Something’s gotta give, there! Otherwise, I’m looking forward to brownie night (that’s tonight and the brownie bake is seriously my favorite thing in my cabinet right now). 😀

So, until next time!


This is me checking in at 235 pounds!





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