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Optimum Health- Day 6

Where do I start about today? *chews her lip*

I got up on time, ate breakfast on time, dropped the girls off with the best almost-Aunt on the planet, and got to school by 8. I hit the copier IMMEDIATELY, because I want the first weeks of my school year copied before people get in there and break the copiers. It took me almost 3 reams of paper and an hour and a half, but Aggie (the copier closest to me) was on her best behavior this morning and did all my copying! I hauled it all back to my room and organized it, stashing the stuff for this week (HOLY CRAP!) in my daily paper sorter and the rest in my rainbow sorter for the marking period. I cranked up my laminator (best $30 I’ve spent this summer, let me tell you!) and laminated ALL THE THINGS! Then I hung ALL THE THINGS up! (I’ll write a blog about specifics here over on my TreeHouseTeaching blog.)

I left work around 2 and drove to the dealership to have my Swagger Wagon serviced. They were BUSY today, so it took almost 2 hours. I didn’t mind the wait, it gave me time to work on my August pages for my bullet journal! Next time, though, I’m taking headphones. There was this older lady there with her daughter trying to buy a car. The Daughter stayed silent most of the time, but the mother was a nightmare! The sales manager gave her $6500 for a $2000 trade in, AND knocked $2500 off a new Corolla. He knocked $9,ooo off a $19,000 car! AND SHE WAS COMPLAINING THAT IT WASN’T ENOUGH! She kept making the sales guy go over and over the numbers, waiting on him to screw up, I guess. It took all I could do not to tell her to shut up, take the deal, and run as fast as she could! Her daughter owed WAY more than the trade was worth and the AC didn’t work! Mom loudly repeated OVER AND OVER that they “could take it back there and fix the AC for nothing.” Clearly, this chick doesn’t understand how things work. If they pull a compressor off the shelf, they’ve invested more money in your hunk of junk.

*takes a breath and steps away from that topic* Sorry, I worked on the bank side of car sales for 2 years. I KNOW what they were going through getting the girl financed. That lady doesn’t have a clue!

Anyway, I picked up my kids a little after 4, brought them home and worked my bullet journal again until time to cook dinner. I talked with my Coach yesterday and she said I wasn’t eating enough. So, today, I got the measuring cups out and measured it! That was a TON of food! I ate it all, though! We made lean pork chops that I dipped a little ginger dressing on for flavor. I cooked collard greens and had 3 servings of them (I really like collard greens. Someone warn my 10 year old self that that’s coming, ok?)! The chops were really thinly sliced, so it took a little over 1 of them to equal my target in ounces!

I noticed my husband wasn’t eating the bananas that had been left on the counter and they were turning brown, so I made Banana bread for him. I tried a slightly different recipe than last time and made them using this recipe. It smells wonderful! I am very proud of myself for not even nipping batter off my finger while making it and sitting here smelling it for the last hour!

In other news, I made a “cake” out of the strawberry shake that I didn’t like last week and I have to admit it was a thousand times better! I need to get some cream cheese so I can add a little sweetener (it needs it!). All of my other food, today, has been my usual fare. A bar for breakfast. I snagged a bar for my second fueling, too. I had a vanilla shake for the third fueling. Then I did the strawberry cake for the fourth fueling. It’s right about time for me to fuel up again before getting a shower and heading to bed. I think I hear brownies calling my name, do you?

I am a little disheartened today. I gained weight over the last two days. My Glow App says I should be starting my cycle today, so I’m hoping that’s it. Lord knows I’ve retained nearly all the water I put in there today! It’s really bad for your morale when you get down to 232 and then it just keeps creeping back up, higher than it was before you started this program. The happy part is that I feel some tightening around the back of my hips. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’ll wait and do my measurements tomorrow evening like a good girl. Here’s hoping they’re not skewed by water weight, too. 😦

Until next time!



This is me, checking in at 240 pounds. :/



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