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Optimum Health- Day 5

Today, I feel GREAT! My headache went away with 6 hours of sleep and 1k mg of ibuprofen and while it flirted with me this afternoon, I bucked up and grabbed some Tylenol Sinus while grocery shopping and poof! GONE! SQUEE!

So, this morning, when my alarm went off, I snorted at it and went back to sleep. Those days are numbered (as in 3. That’s it, just 3!), so I am living it up a bit. My husband woke up after 7 and cussed, so that’s what got me out of bed. I dropped the girls off with one of my favorite people on the planet so they’ll play and she wore them out! YAY!

I walked into my classroom just a little after 8 and… THERE WAS AC!!! My room was 75 degrees! It was great! So great, I stayed until 3 working on my room! I got so much done! I need to go a little laminating crazy tonight so I can get stuff up on my walls tomorrow, but otherwise, I’m kind of impressed with myself! I got my tables cleared off, my new science stuff stashed, my calendar up, my bulletin board up, the hooks hung for my brag tags (and brag tags on them, ready for open house!), my turn-in center set up, one of my cabinets emptied, my Data Wall moved, my GOAL board moved, and my other cabinet cleaned off. Seriously, I’m super excited about this. I walked my backside off!

In “what did you eat?” news, I ate 3 replacements at work, and one before work. I’ve eaten all of these before, except for the sour cream and onion mashed potatoes. THEY WERE SO GOOD! Last night, I made a brownie bake and it was fantastic. Now that it’s fuel time, I’m going to try the chocolate chip cookie bake! I’m really hoping it’s great!

How do I feel? AMAZING! I have so much energy this afternoon! It made grocery shopping almost fun and I was a little annoyed to get it done so quickly. LOL That doesn’t happen very often.

Tonight, I found a link on Pinterest (seriously, I’m addicted) to a lettering challenge. My bullet journal is littered with my horrible handwriting. I see all these cute lettering things and I just can’t replicate them. So, check out this blog that started in October and play along with me! I’m having some fun!


So, there you go!

Until Next Time!


This is me, checking in at 235 lbs.




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