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Optimum Health- Day 4

This one will be short because this screen is getting painful to look at. I still have a migraine from two days ago. I bullied my way through it to work on the yard because I don’t have time to baby a migraine, never have. I have been a good girl and eaten at least every 3 hours today (the last two fuel ups were 2 hours apart). I’ve swallowed all 100 oz of water, too.

A little TMI, but something you should be aware of… I had the first BM of this program today. I was just thinking this morning that I hadn’t had one and I was worried that I was getting stopped up. Alas, nope. Be aware that this might happen to you, too. I’m guessing it’s all the soy I’ve been putting in there for the last few days.

Here is what I’ve been up to today:


I cut up all the rhododendrons that my husband cut down yesterday and the girls and I moved it and all of the box hedges I cut up yesterday to the front yard for the city to pick up in a few days.

After we finished this, we went out for dinner at Jason’s Deli ( I think I found a new favorite… the Papa Joe— it’s a roasted turkey with pesto. Seriously yummy!), took some bigger limbs to the dump, bought Tadpole’s invitations for her birthday party, loaded me up on some washi-tape for my bullet journal, and then took the girls for FroYo @ Lovin’ Spoons because they’ve been awesome and helped so much this weekend.

Things I ate today:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes (cinnamon did not help these…)

Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar

Dutch Chocolate Shake (My favorite, so far)

Brownie Bake (they got this so right. YUM!)

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar


Only the pancakes need some work! Tomorrow it’s back to school to work on my room, so here’s hoping I can keep this going!


Until next time!


This is me checking in at 232 pounds (down, baby!)



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