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Optimal Health- Day 3

My head really, really hurts. I decided I wasn’t giving in to the pain today and when my husband said, “hey, let’s go work on the back yard,” I put my tennis shoes on. Sure, there was a dousing in bug spray because my sweat brings all the mosquitos to the yard, but once that was done, I cleaned all of the box hedges out from along my bedroom window on the back of the house and chopped up an azalea and hydrangea, too! Tomorrow, I’ll finish cleaning that up and tackle getting all the limbs out of the way so my husband can cut the grass! Maybe I can get my pell installed, too!?!

Here’s how my day went!

We got up late, despite having good intentions of getting up early. My husband had a headache, so it put the brakes on our plans for a bit while he worked on that. I made muffins using Bisquick and Blueberry Preserves. They weren’t horrible, but they didn’t disappear the way I’d hoped, either. I only pinched off the top of one to taste it. The blueberry flavor wasn’t very strong, even though the muffin was purple. Ah, well, back to the drawing board there. I will make them cinnamon rolls tomorrow to make up for it. 🙂 I, on the other hand, made chocolate chip pancakes from my food stash. They were more like chocolate chip crepes, honestly, and, by themselves, they do not taste all that great, even with the chocolate in them. I will have to invest in some zero calorie syrup, I think. I can’t take that too many times.

I was reading my e-mail this morning and realized that the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge had sent out prompts last night. I’m in group 58 and our prompt was Genre: Ghost Story, Location: Boxing Gym, Item: Neon Sign. In 1,000 words or less. I can write the heck out of ghost stories, although my brain doesn’t seem to translate the creepy ideas that are always in there onto paper very well. Especially not with 1,000 word limits! Boo. I settled on something decently creepy that I will share as soon as I get the confirmation that they’ve received it. I’ll try to remember to cross post it, since I’ll probably post it up on my writing blog, instead of here. It’s taken me all day and I can tell you that writing something creepy while two little girls are happily chirping in the background is NOT that easy to do. It wasn’t my best work, but I can cross it off my to do list for another little while, at least. The next one won’t be released until November.

Around lunchtime, I realized that I hadn’t been drinking like I’m supposed to. I tried to fix that when we went to lunch. First, I ate a chocolate mint bar before we left, because I’m saving a meal for dinner! We took my husband’s truck to the dealer for a service before heading out to lunch. While we were at Applebee’s, I just drank water. I did get twenty four ounces in before we left, though!

Once we were home, we attacked the back yard. It was time to eat again, so I mixed up a French Vanilla shake and tossed it back before going outside. This is where the bug spray comes in, because it’s the only way I was going to be able to stay outside for longer than a minute. In the time it took me to walk outside and talk to my husband about trimming hedges, I was attacked by no less than 8 mosquitoes. Thank HEAVEN for Off Deep Woods, because I didn’t see another one after I was hosed down in it (I hosed the girls down, too. They’re almost as bad as I am about the bug thing!). I used the freedom to start trimming the box hedges until I realized that a) I hate them there, and b) I’d really rather just pull them out. So, I grabbed some loppers and cut the bushes down to the ground. All of them. While I was at it, I cut all the way around to the azalea on the corner, clipping the poor sick hydrangea along the way. Tomorrow, there will be cleaning that mess up and moving the branches to the front, along with trying to dig up the roots of those bushes. I have plans for that section of the yard, which will some day be Tiff’s little hiding place. That is going to take me a really long time, though, so let’s focus on cleaning that out and getting the grass cut!?! During the course of working in the yard, I downed another 20 ounces of water.

Around 5, we all came inside and got bathed so we could go to dinner. We had to stop and get the truck on the way, so there was a bit of going and coming before we finally set out for dinner. We landed on Buffalo Wild Wings and I ordered the Prime Rib Salad with the dressing on the side. It was yummy, though I can’t find the specs on it to find out if it was as good for my hips as it was to my taste buds. They don’t usually have the same opinion, there, after all.

The rest of the night has been spent watching TV and finishing my writing piece for the Flash Fiction Challenge. I sent it off about twenty minutes ago, after some serious tweaking (Thanks, John!). I’m going to try not to freak out until I find out how it ranked against some others. I’m sure it won’t be high on the list. I munched on a Chocolate Mint bar after I put the girls to bed and just ate a Peanut Butter Chewy Bar so I can go to bed and take my meds. There will be some serious pain meds in there tonight, because my head is KILLING me tonight. I’m sure it’s a crazy combination of outdoors, lack of usual crap in my system, and the hay that was scattered all over the couch this morning. Fun times.

So, there’s my day! Hope yours was great!

Until Next time!


This is me, checking in at 235 pounds again today.




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