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Optimum Health- Day 2

Happy Day 2! I have good news and bad news!

Good news— I don’t feel horrible! I still have a headache, but it’s not as bad as yesterday. I had a spell of being tired this afternoon, but I didn’t take a nap and I’m fine!

Bad news— I slept in late, so I only got 4 meals + dinner in today. I found two of the 4 meals I had were REALLY bad! There will be tinkering to make them work, because my ability to choke down horrible tasting stuff is just not there.

My morning started at 9 (it was fabulous). I gave myself the day off of working in my room and rolled over when my husband went to work, giving myself permission for some extra shut eye. We had visitors coming at 10, so I couldn’t stay in bed much longer, but I wasn’t in a big hurry to get up, either. I’m learning that this isn’t necessarily the good thing it used to be. You see, the girls used to grab their pop tarts and watch TV, handle their guinea pigs’ food and water, and maybe do some playing, letting me doze for a while. Well, now the guinea pigs are the most traveled little beings in the house and their mess has spread… everywhere. The girls are in such a hurry to get to the pigs that they leave their breakfast remains and trash all over the table, and the oldest has started taking it upon herself to pour milk and juice, instead of sticking to water until I get up. The result is a HUGE mess in the kitchen and dining room that greets me when I walk in to start my day. Not a great start, I’m not going to lie.

Once I got that mess cleaned up, it was 10 when I finally sat down to eat my breakfast. After yesterday’s fight with the cereal, I chose some oatmeal for breakfast today. It’s maple and brown sugar and it’s oatmeal… should be good right? Oh, no. No, no, no. The soy was overpowering. I tried adding some “I can’t believe it’s not butter” hoping that maybe the butter flavor would mask some of the soy. No. I got desperate and tried a spoonful of peach preserves, even! Just… no. Appealing to a few locals doing this thing yielded some interesting options, which I will be trying next week, when I go back to the quick breakfast routines. Cinnamon is usually always a good addition for me, after all! Another option is some 0 calorie syrup or walnuts. Something’s gotta give with that oatmeal, people!

I puttered around the house for a while after that, starting laundry that I’ve been ignoring and, then, keeping my ears on the kids who came over to play with the girls today. They left around time for lunch, so I tackled some garlic mashed potatoes. They’re instant and they taste like instant, but honestly, I’m not a big mashed potato fan, anyway, so it’s all going to take some working for me to get through it. These were not too bad, though! They’re a little on the bland side, but I can handle that! The texture wasn’t horrible, either. SCORE!

I started feeling run down after that, which is something I was expecting, thanks to my Coach. The headache never really went away, either. I was seriously contemplating a nap, but by the time I was settled enough to take one, it was about 30 minutes away from a snack and I was getting munchy. I waited out the 30 minutes, grabbed a S’mores snack bar (oh, yeah, this is awesome!) and then got settled again. I got the girls started cleaning their rooms, partly because they promised their dad they’d clean them and partly because we need room in their bedrooms to clean out the guinea pig cages. Yeah, there was no nap. The little one cried for 45 minutes because she “didn’t know where things go” and the oldest one’s meds kicked in so she talked A LOT.

I will add that, since I wasn’t taking a nap, I did some Pinterest wandering and found a really neat concept for bullet journals… Using OneNote to make digital Bullet journals! Before you roll your eyes at me, I want you to think about this. There are free OneNote apps for all platforms that link to an e-mail account. That link is used to back up your notebooks and make them available online… anywhere. That means I can create it on my laptop, edit it, check things off, and add to it from my phone or tablet, and it’ll all be updated across the net! Cool, right? So, I spent most of tonight tinkering with it. There are definite advantages in space in my purse (no need to carry the journal and pens with me!) and in the ability to drop links or videos in there and have them available everywhere without writing out long addresses. I can add clip art and not rely on my sketching abilities to dress up a page, too! Oh, and One Note is FREE! There are ways to get it to sync to your Google Calendar and Outlook, too (I haven’t found that, yet, but I’ve seen people talk about it!). However, you can’t use different check boxes (I separate tasks from appointments and notes by using different bullets). I know, I can just make a separate list for them, but I kind of liked how everything was blended together on the page in my Bujo. I’m restricted a bit by what I can type, since I don’t have a device with a stylus. I could buy one for my tablet and phone, but… eh. If I wanted to handwrite the notes, I’d just put it in my original journal, right? I’m still on the fence about this, as you can tell. I’m going to try to duplicate everything for a bit to see if it’s something I want to bother with.

At 5:30, we left to get dinner. I wanted to try Olive Garden, because I did some digging and found that their Chicken Picatta was really high in protein, low in calories and carbs, and my husband says it’s YUMMY. It’s his favorite thing there, right now. He humored me and I got my Chicken Picatta for my lean, grilled parmesean zucchini for my green, and three glasses of water! The dinner portion comes with two slabs of chicken and four zucchini, which was, simply, too much for me to eat. I ate one of them and two of the zucchini. I stepped off the path a bit and munched some Rissoto bites and the salad, which was oozing in dressing. I was miserable coming home, so let that be a lesson to you! Dinner actually arrived at the table at 6:30, so I was just a hair over 3 hours between meals.

We stopped by the grocery store so I could pick up some G2 and buillion powders for this headache before we came home and vegged on the couch with the girls. I kept messing with OneNote and drank 12 oz of G2. Initially, it did help my head a bit, but the ache is starting to creep back in. I just finished my last meal of the day (I chose the Caramel bar this time. Yummy!!!), so I think I’m going to take some Tylenol for this head and go on to bed. Tomorrow is another day!


Until next time!


This is me checking in at 235 pounds today, by the way. I found those 5 pounds I lost last week. Boo!



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