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Optimum Health: Day 1

I did tell you that I was taking you with me, right? Suckers.

So, today was my first day on this eating plan. I purchased food to make this as “grab and go” friendly as possible, since I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to make or prep food. I had an appointment with a few coworkers to help them ease into our grade and school this morning, so today was a good test of the system.

I got up at 7 this morning, because Tadpole crawled into bed at some point during the night and she looked so peaceful snuggled up in my sheets that I didn’t want to mess with her. OK, and I was feeling a bit lazy after all the work I’ve been doing in my room this week. I earned it! When I got up, though, I got everyone else settled in with their breakfast before I grabbed mine. That’s pretty typical. I need breakfast foods I can munch on in the car, because I don’t have time to stop once I get up in the morning. This morning, I grabbed the fruity cereal and filled my water bottle, then started munching on the cereal (I ate it dry) as I got the last few things done and waited for my sitter to arrive. This is the first time I’ve eaten that stuff and boy… I’m not sure I can try again any time soon! The after taste was terrible and the grit stayed in my teeth. It definitely encouraged me to finish the water, though! I didn’t finish the cereal, though. I took it to school with me and tried for an hour to finish it. I failed.

We worked on planning until about 10:30, which was perfect because that was time for me to eat again and I was getting munchy. I had packed a chocolate mint protein bar this morning and, honestly, it was the best tasting thing I ate all day! No aftertaste except the mint, the soy wasn’t obvious, and I crunched it down pretty easily. I hung out and helped plan printing lists and playing with a 4 month old until he was taken home, refilled my water bottle, and tackled moving desks in my classroom. The room is finally starting to look like I know what I’m doing. Yay!

Around 12:30, I was dripping in sweat (no AC in the building right now) and I had done enough to feel good about my work, so I called it quits and came home. I got home just in time to eat lunch, so at 1:30, I ate the pasta and “meat” balls. This wasn’t horrible, though I did have to choke it down a bit there at the end. I actually finished it, though, so there’s that. My Coach, the awesome Theresa, said I can add some Laughing Cow cheese to this to give it a little more flavor and I will totally be adding that in the future. It just tasted like it was missing something. After that I took a quick shower because I felt ICKY. Nothing like feeling the sweat running down your collarbone to make you dream of a cool shower, right?

Around 3 is when the headache started. Coach Theresa warned me this was coming, so it wasn’t wholly unexpected. Since I have chronic migraines, I’m used to a bit of pain in the head. Either way, I started feeling tired with the headache, which was probably a combination of the headache, lack of the usual sugars in my diet, and the heat of the classroom earlier. I emptied my water bottle here, and refilled it again, btw. That’s 40 oz down!

At 3:30, I tried a strawberry shake. This was not a great thing, either, and I did a bit of pinching my nose and swallowing it to get it down. The flavor was alright, still a bit heavy on the protein that’s not all hidden in the strawberry, but the powder didn’t dissolve all the way. I think I’m going to try freezing some ice for this shake tomorrow and tossing it in the blender instead of the shaker. Maybe it’ll mix it up better and the ice will give it a little more thickness? I drank half of the water bottle (10 oz) to get the grit off my teeth.

At 4, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, anymore, and I crashed for an hour until my husband came home. This didn’t help the headache, either. It usually makes some kind of difference, but not today!

For dinner, my husband grilled a steak on the George Foreman, so I ate about 4 oz of that, and I made some green beans to go with it. I also cooked macaroni and cheese for the girls and a few dinner rolls, neither of which I ate. Go me! I did add Teriyaki sauce to the steak, but it wasn’t much; about half a tablespoon, if that.  That was around 7, which was a hair on the late side and may not have helped this headache too much. I drank a full 20 oz of water with dinner, too, so here’s 70 ounces! Then refilled it for the evening!

Here I am at 10, having thrown two ibuprofen at the headache, to no end. I’m about to chug the rest of this bottle of water, which will put me at 90 oz of water today! Overall, I feel ok. My head hurts, my arms and legs are achy (I moved student desks today, so how much of that is from this meal plan and how much is from the desks, I don’t know), and I’m very tired. Sleeping isn’t going to be a problem for me today! The pedometer on my phone says I only walked 5,000 steps today, but I know that’s so not true. I guess I put my phone down and walked down the hall a few too many times. I really need to find my Fitbit so this can be more accurate.

So, there’s my Day 1. I took my measurements last night and a picture today (I’ll get that uploaded in a few minutes and add it to this post). I set up my Bullet Journal to reflect the food log and I’ve been a good girl and made my notes all day. I need to update it for my bedtime snack and make notes about meds and things in there. That’s a conversation that will have to wait for another entry, though.

Here’s to a healthier Tiff!


Until next time!


Here I am! Checking in at 230 pounds.



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