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Starting Anew

Remember when I said I was tired of being tired? I started off doing some serious stuff about it. Then I stopped.

I’ve been thinking about why for a while now and it hit me… I didn’t have time and what I set out for myself seemed impossible to do. So, rather than doing some part of it, I didn’t do any of it. Oh, I still skimp on Cokes (I had one this weekend, for example, but not any other time) and I’m aware of what I’m eating, all the time. Other than that, though? I don’t shy away from exercise. I don’t mind parking in the South 40 of the parking lot to get a few extra steps in. However, if my phone doesn’t count them, neither do I.

So, today I started doing something different. I joined a group who are working towards Optimum Health. This involves eating 6 meals a day, versus 3. Five small meals, focusing on protein, fruits and vegetables in smaller amounts and one larger meal consisting of a lean protein and something green. I know, it sounds like a diet, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like my normal day at school. You see, I grab something quick on my way to school (most of the time while I’m at school), then I eat a snack around 10. Then lunch two hours later and three hours after that I’m eating a snack before going home! Then I’m eating dinner three hours later and having a snack before I go to bed because my meds demand it. Basically, this group is focused on the content of those meals and finding healthy alternatives to leftover Krispie Kremes and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Already sounds better, right?

So, now I have to work on drinking enough water. I was having a hard time with 8 cups a day, but now I need to up that to just over 100 oz a day. YIKES!

I want you to come along with me, so I’m going to use this space for my daily reflections once I get going. You’ll see the Category “Optimum Health” on these posts.


Wish me luck!

Until next time!



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