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Optimum Health- Day 10

Wow, what a Saturday. We’re still cleaning up the backyard, so this morning I puttered around cleaning the kitchen up until lunchtime, when I talked my husband into taking a coffee table to the school. He grabbed food and they ate lunch in my room while I did some little things like organize the stuff in my pencil drawer of my desk, hang the table skirt on my computer tables, and set out the stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby last night (Newton’s Cradle and a magnetic sand timer! SO COOL!). Then we came home and attacked the back yard again. Today’s project was raking out the years and years’ worth of pinestraw and leaves that have fallen along the edges of the yard and bagging it. More than twenty bags later (we ran out), we piled the rest of it up so we can bag it tomorrow, and hauled the limbs to the front. The debris of our labors:


Afterwards, that shower felt amazing.

I ordered everyone pizza and then left before it arrived for some “Tiff Time.” I wasn’t going to get very long and the fact that we need to work on the back yard again tomorrow is going to seriously kill the rest of my Tiff Time (I’m still going to Painting with a Twist at 1, though!) tomorrow, too. I swear, I’m going to need a therapist. Maybe that’s where I’ll get some Tiff Time? *sighs*

Anyway, for my shortened break, I took myself to the Asian Buffet and grabbed some sesame chicken, an egg roll, wonton soup (without the wonton, so it’s pretty much just broth), and a side of stir fried vegetables. I was so stuffed!!!! From there, I went to Michael’s because my bullet journal goodies have outgrown their case so I needed a new one. I need a frame for a scroll I was given at Crown List, and I am on the search for some plastic cups for my kids’ desks to hold their pencils. We’re probably going to Walmart tomorrow to get backpacks for the girls since they’re the only ones that seem to stock the clear/mesh ones required by our school district, so I’ll see what they’ve got while I’m there. I walked over to Ulta Beauty Supplies, which is not one of my usual stops. There are a ton of options in that place and it boggles the mind. I did spray some of my favorite $$ perfume on my wrists (Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, btw… I love that stuff!) and bought a manicure set for AFTER the yardwork is done. I picked up some eyeshadow and lipstick, too, since my current sets aren’t really making me happy. I paid a bit for these sets, but I think they’re going to be much better! We’ll see, I guess. I went over the Barnes and Noble to see if they had any teacher supplies (they don’t) and had to walk around and grin at all the geekery housed in that building. The new Harry Potter book is released tomorrow and the store is having a celebration release party. They’ll be open until after midnight, tonight. It did my heart so good to see all the people walking around that store in cloaks and waving wands. Oatland Island had their barred owl out (Dad’s favorite!) and there was a sorting hat… seriously, just tons of stuff, everywhere. I hit my kerfew while I was in there, though, and since they didn’t have what I’d come after, I had to go home. So, here I am, on the couch, telling you about my day.

I will tell you that I am super exhausted. The energy I have had the last few days is not present today. I had a hard time staying awake this morning and only moving and working kept me from passing out. I won’t be up very long tonight, either, since I’m aching from head to toe, need to take a Benedryll because I was outside while there was grass being cut (and the mold under the pine needles didn’t help, either!), and I’m just exhausted.

In the land of Optimum Health, I was very good at eating my 5 + 1 today, I think. I weighed myself twice today, out of curiosity, since I was fighting my pants all day yesterday. Oddly enough, today being the first day of my cycle, I’d actually LOST 5 pounds when I weighed at my normal time! After working in the yard and getting a shower, I stepped on the scales nude and I had gained those five pounds back! hahaha That’ll teach me, I guess.

Oh well. I’m thinking it’s bedtime, now.

Until next time!

This is me checking in at 230 pounds!

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Optimum Health- Day 9

My pants are falling down. Not completely off my hips, but they droop, which is enough to be really annoying. *grins broadly* I need to take my measurements, now that I’m home to do them. 🙂

Ok, so today was bananas. I got out of the door on time, got dismissed by my kids early, so I had time to stop at Walmart on my way to school. I picked up some things for my classroom and headed on to work. I had so much energy, I was nearly skipping into the building! It was CRAZY! I hit 50% of my step goal by 9 AM. I’m not joking!

I attended 2 meetings, handled a big project, and nearly finished my room! I kept getting stopped on my way out the door, so I was late getting home. We ate at Applebee’s and I made sure I got good stuff. There wasn’t enough veggies there, so I’m going to fix that before bedtime with some zucchini that’s in the fridge!

I grabbed some painted bottle caps and ceramic magnets, then came home and glued them together with E6000 adhesive. That stuff is amazing! I’m going to have to go back and grab some more tomorrow. I’m sure the boys won’t be happy with a pink magnet, so rather than deal with that, I’m going to go grab two other colors and make some more tomorrow.

What I did NOT do so well today is eat. Those meetings and projects were horrible for allowing me to get things done and I missed lunch completely, along with my afternoon snack. I swallowed 90 ounces of water, though!

So, now I’m staring at this screen, 11,000 steps after I got up this morning, and I’m thinking WOW! I could sleep!

So, I think I will!


Until next time!

This is me, checking in at 235 pounds.

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JoAnn’s is having a serious giveaway!

Just a heads up for my crafty friends!

Their Facebook page announced a giveaway of up to a $500 gift card!

The details:

<quote>We’re giving away gift cards, free classes, and more sometime soon to help inspire your next project. But here’s the catch: inspiration could strike at any moment!

Sign up now, and we’ll notify you when these rewards go up for grabs. The faster you act, the better the reward. The first 4 to respond will win a $500 gift card, but we’ll make sure no one walks away empty-handed!

Share the campaign with friends and get them to opt in and you’ll get a heads-up on when the rewards will be released so you can move quick. Don’t miss out!</quote>


So, follow this link and opt in for your chance to win! 



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The Secret Life of Pets- a movie review

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a movie, so humor me, ok?

So, the premise of this book is that Max, who is a dog owned by Katie, a human, gets a new roomie when Katie adopts Duke, another dog. Duke is the exact opposite of Max in almost every way. He’s big and hairy and the first night establishes some dominance over Max. Max strikes back the following day by destroying some stuff around the house, which he knows Duke will get blamed for because Max has never done anything like that before. While they’re out with a dogwalker, they get lost. I’ll let you watch the movie to find out how that happens. The rest of the movie is spent running from animal control and avoiding a gang of crazy animals that live in the sewer (no, no Ninja Turtles).

I took my two girls to see this yesterday during a matinee so it wouldn’t be packed. They had some varying opinions about it, which ranged from “AWESOME!” to “SCARY!” There are some tense moments that my youngest had a hard time watching, but she stuck it out!  She enjoyed it, once she got past them, so it’s probably just a maturity point, but it was there, nonetheless. My oldest, on the other hand, was chewing her nails and her eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. The fact that I didn’t get popcorn or candy for our trip was completely ignored by the story. Yay!

My opinion, it just didn’t hit me as all that awesome. I didn’t mind spending money to see it, but mostly because I was with my girls. It wasn’t one of those epic movies that you want to watch over and over again, though my kids probably will.The story was a good one, and relevant on so many levels. Some of the jokes felt forced, like they were trying to make them fit and hit a nerve so people would remember them and laugh about them, later. I will admit to a little headbanging when the Beastie Boys started up, but that was probably the highlight of the movie for me. Maybe I’ll like it more when I can really watch it. Scared almost-five year olds don’t exactly make it easy to get lost in the story.

I give it a solid 3 stars from my first watching.

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Optimum Health- Day 8

I realized I didn’t post yesterday somewhere around… midnight. At which point, it’s kinda silly, right? The girls and I spent my last day off work having FUN and it was great! We went to the library and leveled up for awesome coupons in their summer reading program (we’re working on Level 4, now!) and then went Poke-hunting at the mall! Since that made us hungry, we ate there, then went to Chuck E Cheese where the girls ran wild and Tadpole racked up 228 tickets all on her own! We went to see The Secret Life of Pets afterwards, then used one of our summer reading coupons to get free cupcakes from Gigi’s! Then we drove to Pooler and bought coloring books and crayons at Michael’s and visited the critters at Petsmart before meeting my husband for dinner at the Mellow Mushroom! We came home after that and crashed HARD! I’ll work on writing up reviews after I finish this post, I guess.

Today was my first day back at work after a WAY TOO SHORT summer. I’ve been working on my room for about a week, so it’s nearly finished. I get a little closer every day, which is nice. My goal is to have my room set up by the end of tomorrow and spend next week planning and organizing until school starts. We’ll see how well that works based on how much I get done! Wish me luck! It was kind of the first in a series of days that will become my norm. I got home just before 5, sat down for a few minutes, husband came home and we cooked dinner, then we crashed on the couch for an hour before the girls go to bed. This is the time of year that I always have to deal with hating the fact that I only see my kids for about 5 hours a day. I’m so used to having them 24/7, after being home with them all summer, that it takes some transition time to get used to not seeing them as much.

In Optimum Health-land, yesterday was a break through day for me. I realized as we were running all over the place that I had ENERGY to keep up with the girls. It felt great! I wasn’t tired! <— see that? That’s a big thing for me! Coach Theresa says that’s “fat burn” kicking in, but I felt like I’d had a cup of coffee… I DON’T DRINK COFFEE! I haven’t lost an ounce, so it’s a bit disheartening. However, feeling that energy was amazing. Today hasn’t been any different and I found myself cheerful ALL DAY! Considering how much I still have to do, it’s daunting, but I didn’t feel that, at all! I just started attacking it! It, along with the tightening I feel across my back, are two really big motivators! Now, if the scale would start agreeing with me, it’d be great!

I didn’t try anything new today, so there’s not much to report, food-wise. I had a very hard time choking down the ziti I made for lunch, so I’m going to do some shopping and find something to add some flavor to it. Something’s gotta give, there! Otherwise, I’m looking forward to brownie night (that’s tonight and the brownie bake is seriously my favorite thing in my cabinet right now). 😀

So, until next time!


This is me checking in at 235 pounds!



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Optimum Health- Day 6

Where do I start about today? *chews her lip*

I got up on time, ate breakfast on time, dropped the girls off with the best almost-Aunt on the planet, and got to school by 8. I hit the copier IMMEDIATELY, because I want the first weeks of my school year copied before people get in there and break the copiers. It took me almost 3 reams of paper and an hour and a half, but Aggie (the copier closest to me) was on her best behavior this morning and did all my copying! I hauled it all back to my room and organized it, stashing the stuff for this week (HOLY CRAP!) in my daily paper sorter and the rest in my rainbow sorter for the marking period. I cranked up my laminator (best $30 I’ve spent this summer, let me tell you!) and laminated ALL THE THINGS! Then I hung ALL THE THINGS up! (I’ll write a blog about specifics here over on my TreeHouseTeaching blog.)

I left work around 2 and drove to the dealership to have my Swagger Wagon serviced. They were BUSY today, so it took almost 2 hours. I didn’t mind the wait, it gave me time to work on my August pages for my bullet journal! Next time, though, I’m taking headphones. There was this older lady there with her daughter trying to buy a car. The Daughter stayed silent most of the time, but the mother was a nightmare! The sales manager gave her $6500 for a $2000 trade in, AND knocked $2500 off a new Corolla. He knocked $9,ooo off a $19,000 car! AND SHE WAS COMPLAINING THAT IT WASN’T ENOUGH! She kept making the sales guy go over and over the numbers, waiting on him to screw up, I guess. It took all I could do not to tell her to shut up, take the deal, and run as fast as she could! Her daughter owed WAY more than the trade was worth and the AC didn’t work! Mom loudly repeated OVER AND OVER that they “could take it back there and fix the AC for nothing.” Clearly, this chick doesn’t understand how things work. If they pull a compressor off the shelf, they’ve invested more money in your hunk of junk.

*takes a breath and steps away from that topic* Sorry, I worked on the bank side of car sales for 2 years. I KNOW what they were going through getting the girl financed. That lady doesn’t have a clue!

Anyway, I picked up my kids a little after 4, brought them home and worked my bullet journal again until time to cook dinner. I talked with my Coach yesterday and she said I wasn’t eating enough. So, today, I got the measuring cups out and measured it! That was a TON of food! I ate it all, though! We made lean pork chops that I dipped a little ginger dressing on for flavor. I cooked collard greens and had 3 servings of them (I really like collard greens. Someone warn my 10 year old self that that’s coming, ok?)! The chops were really thinly sliced, so it took a little over 1 of them to equal my target in ounces!

I noticed my husband wasn’t eating the bananas that had been left on the counter and they were turning brown, so I made Banana bread for him. I tried a slightly different recipe than last time and made them using this recipe. It smells wonderful! I am very proud of myself for not even nipping batter off my finger while making it and sitting here smelling it for the last hour!

In other news, I made a “cake” out of the strawberry shake that I didn’t like last week and I have to admit it was a thousand times better! I need to get some cream cheese so I can add a little sweetener (it needs it!). All of my other food, today, has been my usual fare. A bar for breakfast. I snagged a bar for my second fueling, too. I had a vanilla shake for the third fueling. Then I did the strawberry cake for the fourth fueling. It’s right about time for me to fuel up again before getting a shower and heading to bed. I think I hear brownies calling my name, do you?

I am a little disheartened today. I gained weight over the last two days. My Glow App says I should be starting my cycle today, so I’m hoping that’s it. Lord knows I’ve retained nearly all the water I put in there today! It’s really bad for your morale when you get down to 232 and then it just keeps creeping back up, higher than it was before you started this program. The happy part is that I feel some tightening around the back of my hips. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’ll wait and do my measurements tomorrow evening like a good girl. Here’s hoping they’re not skewed by water weight, too. 😦

Until next time!



This is me, checking in at 240 pounds. :/

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Optimum Health- Day 5

Today, I feel GREAT! My headache went away with 6 hours of sleep and 1k mg of ibuprofen and while it flirted with me this afternoon, I bucked up and grabbed some Tylenol Sinus while grocery shopping and poof! GONE! SQUEE!

So, this morning, when my alarm went off, I snorted at it and went back to sleep. Those days are numbered (as in 3. That’s it, just 3!), so I am living it up a bit. My husband woke up after 7 and cussed, so that’s what got me out of bed. I dropped the girls off with one of my favorite people on the planet so they’ll play and she wore them out! YAY!

I walked into my classroom just a little after 8 and… THERE WAS AC!!! My room was 75 degrees! It was great! So great, I stayed until 3 working on my room! I got so much done! I need to go a little laminating crazy tonight so I can get stuff up on my walls tomorrow, but otherwise, I’m kind of impressed with myself! I got my tables cleared off, my new science stuff stashed, my calendar up, my bulletin board up, the hooks hung for my brag tags (and brag tags on them, ready for open house!), my turn-in center set up, one of my cabinets emptied, my Data Wall moved, my GOAL board moved, and my other cabinet cleaned off. Seriously, I’m super excited about this. I walked my backside off!

In “what did you eat?” news, I ate 3 replacements at work, and one before work. I’ve eaten all of these before, except for the sour cream and onion mashed potatoes. THEY WERE SO GOOD! Last night, I made a brownie bake and it was fantastic. Now that it’s fuel time, I’m going to try the chocolate chip cookie bake! I’m really hoping it’s great!

How do I feel? AMAZING! I have so much energy this afternoon! It made grocery shopping almost fun and I was a little annoyed to get it done so quickly. LOL That doesn’t happen very often.

Tonight, I found a link on Pinterest (seriously, I’m addicted) to a lettering challenge. My bullet journal is littered with my horrible handwriting. I see all these cute lettering things and I just can’t replicate them. So, check out this blog that started in October and play along with me! I’m having some fun!


So, there you go!

Until Next Time!


This is me, checking in at 235 lbs.