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SAVERS with kids!

I found this thing while I was setting up my bullet journal, which lead me to something else and then, something else. Before long, I stumbled on a post at about this book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. He sounds like one of those public speakers that is as slick as a car salesman, but I liked the way he organized life goals. He also said that how you start your morning determines how your day goes. I can agree with that, so it made me think some more. Part of my problem with Peanut comes when she’s not medicated. She’s wild and impossible to talk to. Heaven help trying to get her to do something, too. I was looking over this list of things that is designed to help bring focus and calm to your morning, and wondering how it would translate to an 8 year old. So, yesterday, I sat down and made a kid-friendly version of SAVERS with the girls.

Really quick: SAVERS is an acronym which stands for:





R- Read

S- Scribe


Silence and Exercise- 

The girls are all excited about yoga thanks to their teachers, which I think it awesome, so the “silence” part isn’t actually going to be silent. Today, I started with the yoga and exercise options there and totally went crazy with it today. GoNoodle is a really neat website that hosts short rhythm and movement videos with some meditation, yoga, and other things wrapped in. It’s great for classrooms that need to wiggle, awesome brain breaks and, for the teacher with two kids that need to have someone besides me teaching them yoga, it’s a GODSEND! Since we can do both yoga AND dancing exercise at GoNoodle, that’s a two-fer!


I found some affirmations for kids (you can find them here) and made these little cards using them and Word’s clipart finders. I cut them up and put them in a little Tupperware container. Each girl has her own set and each day they pull one. Today, Tadpole’s was “I am beautiful,” and Peanut’s was, “I reach for the stars.” They love them!

Here is my version of these lunchbox notes with clipart I got through Word. SAVERS file


I let them pick their visualization today (yesterday, I picked it so that they could see what I was talking about). Peanut decided to visualize remembering to turn her light off in her room when she leaves it. Tadpole is still working on her room, so… yeah.


We then read a chapter from the BFG. They’re enjoying it and the chapters are short. It works and there’s a movie coming out that may provide us a chance to go to the movies before school starts.


For Scribing— I grabbed them a few sheets of loose white paper and let them draw about their day. Tadpole’s is full of angry scribbles, and Peanut organized hers into four sections. Me? I wrote this in a journal entry in my Penzu journal before editing it up and posting it here as a blog entry!


I call today a success! Tadpole got bored with Yoga pretty quickly, but otherwise was right there with us the whole time. I’m starting this over the summer during the day, so we can work on getting it tighter before school starts. In an ideal world, I’d like to do this before school every morning. Wish us luck! Today, this process took us 30 minutes, but we did all of it and we did about 20 minutes of Exercise and Yoga. We’ll start getting faster now that we know the parts!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress. With any luck, I can roll this into my exercise routine in the evening, too, and get everyone involved! I have built in workout buddies, why not use them?

Until next time!





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