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Self-Help- Affirmations

This is one of those things that sounds SOOO cheesy when you start and you feel ridiculous doing it. Honestly, I think that’s because you’re doing it on purpose, now. We’ve done this all our lives, admit it! “You’ve got this!” before a job interview. “Piece of cake!” before a difficult test. So, why does this feel weird?

Because we don’t believe it. You feel like you’re lying to yourself when you say it. So, the point here is that if we say things often enough, they’ll become the truth. Don’t just say an affirmation in the morning and that’s it. Keep telling yourself this all day long. While you’re at it, tell someone else, too. They may snort, but with luck, they’ll internalize it, anyway.


So, I did a wander around Pinterest to find some goodies about Affirmations. The first one I found was actually in a post by about an Affirmation Challenge. Check this out: 30day_infographic. (It’s a .pdf, so make sure you have a reader that can handle it!)

I found a ton of them just doing a basic search for “Affirmations,” so you can really find some that makes you happy.

The best way, though, is to make your own. Here’s a good method:


And here’s a fellow wordpress blogger who collects Happy Thoughts (which I LOVE!!) and affirmations.

I’m sure you can find more. What works for you?


Until next time!



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