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Self Help Trip- The Miracle Morning

So, I was working on my new bullet journal this week (I’ll write about that later), trying to start a habit or ten. I found a spread through Pinterest that I thought was downright awesome. The pin linked me to a blog at In this case, it was a two page spread she said came from a book she’d read called The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. Before I go a step further, I want to say that I HAVE NOT read this book. Yet. I would like to and I have it on the list of things I need to pick up from Amazon when I get paid again. However, I am only passing on some information through a second-hand source, mainly because she did an awesome job at telling me about it that, not only do I want to read the book, but I also feel I can get started on my own without having read the book based on what she’s written. Crazy, right?


So, the gist is that how you start your morning determines how the rest of your day goes. I can totally agree, here. According to bohoberry and Mr. Elrod, there are things you need to do to start off your morning right. Elrod calls them the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Yay, acronyms! *coughs* The letters stand for:

S- Silence- this can be achieved a few different ways, based on your needs/wants/beliefs, etc. Meditation, prayer, contemplation… whatever! The goal here is to find the thing that brings you peacefulness first thing in the morning.

A-Affirmations- Positive things you tell yourself about… YOURSELF! Find a mantra that reinforces your self-worth and repeat it. Say it out loud to yourself EVERY DAY.

V- Visualization- Picturing how you want things to go in your head. This is one of those, “if you see it, you can do it” things. Start with getting your kids fed, dressed, teeth and hair brushed and out the door on time before school. That one is always the hardest one for me, honestly.

E- Exercise- DO SOMETHING, even if it’s a ten minute walk on the treadmill. That’s ten minutes more than you were doing before! And who knows? Maybe next week, you’ll make it a ten minute JOG, instead?

R- Reading- Dedicate a few minutes to reading to yourself, in a quiet, happy place. Have you ever read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? One of those seven habits is READING every day. Part of why I love reading is that it helps me calm down. I can totally see this as a good thing.

S- Scribe- The word makes my medievalist heart happy. Really, it’s just about writing down your thoughts and feelings. Journaling, writing in a diary, whatever. Just get your thoughts out. Personally, I have carpal tunnel, so while I enjoy journaling, it has to be done digitally as much as possible. Penzu is my go to here. Go ahead, give it a whirl!


You also use the “Level 10 Life” goal idea to gauge where your life is how and set goals to help you make it better. This is the part I’m actually excited about. Elrod has outlined 10 areas of everyone’s life and you rate each of those 10 areas on a scale from 1-10, where 10 is being the best it could possibly be. The 10 areas are:

1- Family & Friends

2-Personal Development


4- Finances

5- Career


7- Fun & Recreation

8- Giving and Contributing

9-Physical Environment

10- Health and Fitness

My spread looks like this right now:


Yeah, I messed up the right side. I’m going to work on that next month. You can see Bohoberry’s here, it’s a lot neater AND she explains each piece better than I could. Color Coding it makes it look pretty. Yeah, I like it pretty. It motivates me to do something with it. Boring is just… boring!


So, there it is. At least, there’s the cliff notes to the Cliff’s Notes version BohoBerry posted in her book review last year. 

The interesting thing to note is that there are lots of these books out there. There’s even a Quick Start Guide available at and you can download it here, too. There’s a Facebook group, too!

Hal Elrod also hosts a podcast on his personal page that is really intriguing. I can’t help but think a TedTalk with this guy would be awesome to watch.


So, this is my attempt to organize and make my life a little better. I’ll share what I find as I come across it. Feel free to comment with more ideas! And totally hang out at for a while. She’s a great blogger and it is well worth the time to give it a listen!


Until next time!



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