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Saving Money by Making your own Laundry Detergent

As a teacher, one thing is constant in my life… saving money. I do this around the house in a few different ways, from printing coupons to finding other ways to do things around the house that aren’t quite so… ummm… normal?

I found a recipe for laundry detergent last summer and I have never gone back to traditional detergent! I have tweaked the original recipe based on trial and error and I want to share it with you.


First, collect the following:



1 box BIZ laundry enzymes

1 box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

1 box Borax

2-3 bars of Fels Naptha laundry soap ( I use all three bars)


Step 1: Dump all three boxes of stuff in one large container.


Step 2: Cut the Fels Naptha bar into smaller sections (image one, no that’s not cheese) and toss them into a food processor (this is soap, and you’ll put those blades in the dish washer, so this is perfectly safe!) and reduce them to small particles. My KitchenAid Processor (image 2) turns these into little beads that look like this (image 3)…



Step 3: Drop the Fels into the powder mixture.

Step 4: Get your hands in there and mix it all together until it’s well blended.


Step 5: You’re ready to use this on your laundry!


I use a coffee scoop to measure out amounts. With a small, normal wear load of laundry will take two scoops. If you sweat in it, get it dirty, or it’s towels, use three scoops.


I still use Downy softener in my laundry, but that’ll be next on my list of things to replace.

Now, down to the brass tacks:

I was using Tide, which would run me $15 for 90 loads (in my house, that’s about 3 weeks’ worth of laundry).

This collection of things now runs me about $20 and about 20 minutes of my life, but it will last me 2 months.

I call that a win.

When you then add that this collection of stuff actually gets the smell out of my laundry? EVEN BETTER! Stains come out as easily as they did with Tide, too!


Alternatives to this recipe:

You can totally use ZOTE soap, instead! I have done it in the past, but I will tell you that it wasn’t as good at working on the smell of the laundry as the Felz.

I’ve also read about people adding those Unstoppable scent beads to this with great success. Honestly, the smell of the Felz (which is really the only thing in this mix that has a scent) doesn’t bother me enough to add another thing to the recipe. Especially when that thing runs another $10 on average. To each, their own, though!



How do you make yours? What do you think? Comment below!


Until next time!







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