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Cross Stitch Pattern Maker- Review

When someone says that there’s a website that will do something for free, I’m a bit skeptical of it’s abilities to do what I want it to do. After all, what are they getting out of it to justify actually giving a hoot about their product, right?

Well, I read an article where one of the blogs I read did a review on a website called This website will allow you to upload a picture, choose the size you want, and create a selection of cross stitch charts (complete with DMC floss reference numbers) at varying levels of difficulty and involvement to reproduce that image on aida cloth.

I was skeptical. Seriously, for free? Ten years ago, I paid $30 for a program on my computer to do this and it sucked. Five years ago, you could get an updated version of that program for $5. Sure, free sounds reasonable nowadays, but, as I mentioned… it sucked. Thread numbers didn’t match, the pattern was WAY too pixelated to be useful… the list goes on and on.

What the heck, though. I put this sucker through it’s paces with a few different pictures tonight. Let’s talk about this one:

IMAG0324This is one of my favorite plants, a night blooming crocus. This thing has only bloomed twice in its entire life, the week after I brought each of my daughters home from the hospital. Since I am not having any more darlings, and Mother Nature agrees this is a good idea, the plant promptly died on my porch. However, I made it a point to snap pictures of the gorgeous bloom before it gave up on me!

So, I uploaded this picture to test it. Set the size way up and it returned a pattern of loveliness that makes me nearly want to attack the floss online until I get it all together. It gave me no less than 17 versions of this picture in various levels of detail that I could choose to download the patterns for. I chose the highest one, because… oooo, so pretty! It downloads in a 6 page pdf file that gave me the pattern for 70 colors of floss to recreate this beauty. The pattern, itself, took up 4 pages.

Before you think I’m complaining, I’m so not complaining. The color chart is easy to read, the coding is easy to follow, and you can even tell what you’re stitching in black and white! I want to remind you that that was the MOST DETAILED version of this picture. Everything less detailed than this will have fewer colors and the pdf is smaller, too.

I’m in love! Go on, try it for yourself!



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