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I’m tired of being tired

I blame my weight for much of the exhaustion I feel every day. Well, that and stress.

So, now that it’s summer and my stress is lower, I’m going to do something about it. Two of my friends started accountability groups on Facebook, one started a support group for training purposes, and I’m a member of yet another that’s working on pell workouts. All of that is marvelous and I’m determined to be active in them all. However, I need a plan. I’m an INFJ, Type A… write it all down kind of person. I need a checklist to make sure I’ve done it.

So, I found some options on Pinterest (because I’m addicted to Pinterest, it’s alright).

I’m going to start this routine tomorrow:

Shield maiden workout:  this at level 1 for 5 days.

To Insanity & Back: Level ONE Exercise Plan:  pretty much exactly what it says.

Take the 30 Day Plank Challenge and strengthen your core! #Fitness #muscles I WILL DO THIS:  gotta build the core.

Squat challenge:


So, except for where they overlap, this is my plan. I am going to go with the higher requirement in cases where they overlap (ie, one says 5 pushups, the other says 10… I’ll do 10).  This will be exhausting. I am also going to take the girls for a walk after breakfast each morning. My goal is a mile to start, and just walking.

I’ve created a doc to make this easier to track.  Feel free to borrow it!

30 day workout schedule


My goal is to write an entry every day moaning and groaning about how bad I hurt. Follow along and let’s commiserate!



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